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  • What are your qualifications?
    Some of my qualifications include: Certified & Accredited Energy Healer Certified & Accredited Meditation Coach Professional Spiritual Coach Usui Reiki Master Teacher Karuna Ki Master Teacher Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher Sekhem Seichim Master Teacher Kundalini Seichim Master Teacher Atlantian Reiki Master Teacher Lemurian Light Master Teacher Order Of The Golden Dragon Master Fire Wheel Master Gold Reiki Master Visva Shakti Practitioner Laser Reiki Healer Meridian Clearing & Healing Practitioner Chakra, Aura & Energy Body Healer Certified Chakra Healing Practitioner Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner Certified Professional Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner Crystal Fairy Healing Practitioner Archangel Healing Practitioner Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner Illahi Noor Practitioner DNA Healing Practitioner
  • Are you registered with any organizations for energy healing?
    I am a Reiki Healing Association Member and a certified member of the International Association of Therapists.
  • What is an attunement?
    Attunement is being tuned into the energy of that system, like turning the dial to a certain station on the radio. You learn how to use that energy system through a class and or manual. Each Master Teacher does the attunement process in his or her own way. Each person experiences attunements differently and is unique to each of you. I do attunements in-person and through distance method. With attunements you can use that energy for yourself and on others to help heal them, always for the highest good of all. They cannot be used for harm. An attunement or an empowerment (these are basically the same thing) work on the understanding that we are all made up of energy. There are certain types of energies that are more beneficial for certain things such as energy that is best for protection, psychic abilities, cleansing, etc. We already have many of these energies as part of us (as everything is energy), but we may not be skilled enough to access these specific energy ranges with the aim of bringing about a specific outcome. This is where attunements come in! I like to think of attunements as “downloads” to a specific set of “energetic codes”. Once you have been attuned to these specific sets of “codes”, you can access them quickly and easily again and again, forever! They will always be with you, working in your Etheric background! You will always know how to access them whenever you wish. You will never forget that they are there!
  • What can I expect from my attunement?
    This answer varies widely based on the type of attunement you choose to have done for you. They can range from opening your third eye, assisting with astral travel, balancing your chakras, cleansing your aura, and so forth. The process to receive any attunement from Whimsical Wonders is always the same. We schedule a time that works best for the both of us. The client relaxes for a bit and I send the specific attunement energies into the clients crown chakra from a distance. You may feel tingling, see colors or lights, feel a bit dizzy, get a rush of energy, or even feel sleepy. It varies per attunement and per person! No matter what you feel or do not feel during the attunement process, just know that you HAVE received it properly! I make sure of this! After you have been attuned to certain energies, your body will take some time to adjust. As you adjust, pay attention to how you feel and things you experience. Receiving an attunement is just the beginning of the process. You are responsible for activating and working with the energies regularly. You will not see results if you do not work with the energy. After you receive your attunement, a clearing period can occur. Your body may take a few days to adjust to the newly introduced energies. This is perfectly normal. You may feel a bit of an energy drain for a few days. Make sure to rest and stay hydrated. Drink lots of water! Practice good self care as you adjust to the energies. Every single person will react to an attunement differently. Please keep this in mind and do not compare yourself to others or think that you have to feel a certain way during your attunement. A document or manual is sent with nearly every attunement that I offer in my shop after the attunement has been completed. This document reviews information on how to work with the new attunement energies. How to activate various functions, ensure that it remains “turned on” in order to run in your Etheric background (if it is not automatic), and so on. Once you have received an attunement from me, that is not the “end” of our working relationship! I am always available to answer questions you may think of later, no matter how much time has passed! I am not someone who gets upset if clients contact me with questions! That’s what I’m here for! I will always do my best to assist you and educate you to the best of my abilities.
  • Is there a limit to the amount of attunements I can receive?
    No, each attunement serves a different purpose. Some work well together to improve a specific focus, others aid you in a completely different way. For example, you could stack multiple attunements that work on your third eye or psychic development and activate them to serve as an in depth session to stimulate that focus point. On the other hand, you can combine flushes, shielding attunements, psychic development energies, and any other attunement or empowerment to give yourself a full spectrum of spiritual development, psychic hygiene, and protection. There is no "cap" to how many attunements you are able to receive. Working diligently with a wide range of attunement energies can only assist in your growth, never hinder it.
  • How do you price your services?
    Each attunement is priced based on how much time and energy is given and how much information is passed on. I charge a fee as recommended by the founder for the manual and educational materials and I charge for my time and energy. The attunements that I send to my clients are sent over a distance. Every practitioner is different in their methods (and I am not saying that any method is wrong or right!) but I choose to schedule a time where I can ensure that client (aka the receiver of this energy) is relaxed. I then connect to said client via their energy and I use my intention and skills in energy work to send the attunement over great distances. As long as you work with an experienced practitioner who is skilled and experienced in various types of energy work, you shouldn’t have any issues. I have been studying energy work for years now. I have many certifications and am a Master in a wide variety of energy healing techniques. Many practitioners will send what’s called a chi ball with the attunement energy “stored” inside. The client (aka receiver) then calls this chi ball in when they are ready to receive their attunement. I personally prefer to offer a far more personalized service to my clients. It allows me to focus entirely on the client and work with the one on one. Yes, this can be considered more time consuming for practitioners, however I do not want to give up that one on one dedication that I enjoy providing my clients. I do not use healing boxes for any of my healing services. I always work one on one with every client, where that client is my sole focus for that session. I’ve received energy work from other practitioners over the years and never really enjoyed the “call in” method. I enjoy the far more potent energy stream that comes from a practitioner sending me energy in real time. This is a personal preference but it is something that I choose to utilize in my own practice. Again, this does not mean that there is anything wrong with other methods.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! I know not everyone can afford to pay upfront for services, especially with the economy right now. Payment plans can be discussed via email, messages here, or on discord. Payments can easily be set up via PayPal invoice. Please note that services will not be started until payment has been made in full. Thank you!
  • How do I work with your enchanted items?
    Every physical item from Whimsical Wonders is cleansed, charged, programmed, and enchanted prior to being shipped out to you. All enchanted items will work much better for you if you add your own intentions to it so that it can work for you specifically. Instructions: When you receive your enchanted item/vessel, simply hold it in your hands for a few minutes, allowing your energy to merge with it. I find it works best to visualize this process, with colors. Imagine your energy having one color (any color is fine, it doesn’t matter.) and the object having a halo of energy around it, which is another color. Visualize these two colors mixing together so that the end result is a new color. You can then take some time to focus on your intent for each spell and visualize yourself being blessed with the abilities or gifts desired. Do this in a positive manner! See the outcome that you desire! For instance you might wish to visualize all of your blockages being removed and your abilities opening up. Feel the tranquility and happiness flowing through you. This process will help you see results much faster. Please try to handle the object regularly and keep it close by whenever possible. Feel free to hold or wear it during meditation and/or sleep. Please keep your vessel clean and cleared of negative energy. Negative vibes can put a damper on spell work. Smudge your item regularly, cleanse it in a box with selenite and then charge it with quartz regularly. For the best results it’s imperative that you believe in the magick! Once you begin to doubt the magick or effectiveness it’s hard to get things back on track. Keep an open mind and heart. I’ve found over the years that magick works best for me when I don’t think about it. I put my intentions out into to universe and it does it’s work for me. Of course there is no way to tell how long it will take for each person or exactly what results each person will experience. This is why I cannot make any guarantees, as once someone starts to doubt the spell work or magick it typically puts up a wall and they cannot reap the rewards.
  • When will I receive my order?
    Wait times can vary based on the item you have ordered, but here are some examples of current wait times: Attunements are usually scheduled within 2-4 business days after you place your order. Energy work/energy healing is typically performed within 2-5 days. Readings can take up to 6 weeks to be completed based on my current schedule and workload. Ritual work can take up to 6 weeks to be completed as well. Spell work is usually completed within 1-4 weeks, again depending on current workload. Physical items are typically shipped out once per week, but could sometimes take up to 2 weeks to be shipped. Custom work can vary based on your requests, your companions requests, whether or not I have to order materials, my current workload, etc. I will keep you up to date on the progress of your order and you will be notified prior to shipping.
  • Do you have a discord server?
    Yes! Join us here:
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