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Choose your pricing plan

  • Chakra Healing

    Every month
    Monthly chakra clearing, charging, and healing service!
    • Complete Chakra Healing Session
    • Save $25 per session!
  • Meridian Service

    Every month
    Monthly meridian healing service with big savings!
    • One meridian session per month!
    • Save $25 or more each session!
    • Keep yourself in tip top spiritual shape!
  • Cord Cutting Service

    Every month
    • Monthly cord cutting service!
    • Save money & time with monthly plan!
  • Healing Bundle!

    Every month
    Chakra, Aura, and Cord Cutting Bundle!
    Valid for 3 months
    • Monthly chakra healing!
    • Monthly aura healing!
    • Monthly cord cutting!
    • Keep your spiritual self in tip top shape!
    • Save time and money with monthly plan!
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