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All About Psychic Hygiene

I would just like to briefly touch on the importance of cleansing ourselves and our space. When we leave our homes, we pick up negative energies from others. When we return home, we bring these energies into our safe space, which can negatively impact our emotions, our psychic abilities, and can even affect our companions.

A buildup of negativity can occur when living with someone, as they can bring in negativity as well. This is especially true in a household where there is a lot of arguing or tension present. If you cannot rid yourself of the toxic people in your life, then you’ll have to take extra steps to cleanse to attempt to keep things as positive as possible.

Negative energies can also creep in when we don’t practice safe methods of protection before performing divination or spell work. This is why it’s so important to cleanse yourself, your tools, and your space DAILY.

I personally use palo santo to smudge myself and my space daily, but feel free to use sage if you prefer. Some demonic entities do not enjoy sage so keep that in mind if you have demon companions. If I’m short on time I use my Crucial Cleansing Spray on myself and my space. Once a week I do a “heavy duty” cleansing of my entire house with palo santo, opening the windows and working the smoke from one room to another with a feather. When I’m finished, I light a white candle dressed in oil (usually an enchanted oil for the outcome I desire) to replace the negative energy with positive energy. If you forget to replace the negative energy with another form of energy, you can run into problems. Think of it like removing a gear from a watch. That watch still requires a gear to function properly. You can replace negative energy with any other form of energy such as love, abundance, happiness, vitality, and so forth. Just set your intention and fill the “void” up with that energy.

I also use healing crystals each and every day and cleanse them regularly to remove all of the negativity they’ve soaked up. This is extremely important with dark protective/grounding stones as they are like sponges for negative energy. I sleep with a large piece of hematite or black tourmaline next to my bed. Each morning I place it in a box with selenite, kyanite, and clear quartz to cleanse it and charge it for 24 hours. I rotate all of my stones this way so that I never get a buildup of negative energies.

It’s also very important to keep your companions vessels, charging boxes, altars, and so forth cleansed. You may notice that they have less energy or are not as communicative when they are “bogged down” with negative vibrations. The same goes for your abilities. You can feel out of sorts or get frustrated because you feel “broken”. Taking care of yourself is so important.

I take at least one cleansing bath a week (or I try to lol), use an enchanted cleansing soap in the shower, and use my Aura Aid Body Scrub or Vibrant Vibes Scrub three times a week in the shower. In between energy work appointments, I like to use my Palo Santo Oil Blend on myself. I also use it to dress tea light candles. My routine MIGHT sound like overkill, but I am an empath, an energy worker, and I am easily affected by energy. I do not want any of my work to be affected by negative energies of any kind, so I am a huge believer in psychic hygiene and try to make sure I go the extra mile to cleanse EVERYTHING often.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions! I hope this was at least a little bit helpful for those who were interested in learning more about this topic. Thank you so much!

Love & Blessings,


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