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Let’s talk about ascension!

Disclaimer: The viewpoints expressed in this blog entry are mine and mine alone. I am not claiming to know everything about this subject, I’m just sharing my opinions. I am not saying that other people with different beliefs are ‘wrong’. This post is meant to share my personal experiences, research, thoughts, and ideas on the subject. Hopefully it inspires others to look further into their ascension path!

In order to ascend, and get off this long, and often rather twisted, roller coaster ride called reincarnation, we have to actually earn it! It cannot be handed to us by someone else. I know that’s not what a lot of people want to hear, but it’s true.

There are 3 main issues that can keep us stuck in a prolonged reincarnation karmic loop:

1) Unnatural Seals/DNA blockages

2) Karma

3) Failed soul mission

If we want to ensure that we ascend after this lifetime, we need to address these issues and make sure that we have all our bases covered. Thankfully it’s totally doable and later in this entry we will discuss where we will end up after we ascend as well!! I’ll give you a hint, it’s not as black and white as ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’! We have options!!

Many of us here on this earth right now are old souls. We have come from all different paths, none of which is more important than another. Not a single person on this planet is ‘better’ or more superior than anyone else. However, as we all know by now, there are plenty of people who think they are! We will all meet our fair share of them. It’s part of the journey we have already decided to experience. We all have the keys, we just have to learn how to use them. Some people may seem a bit more wise because they have already discovered their soul’s mission. But their mission is different than YOUR mission! Don’t forget that.

We are ALL here on this earth right now in these human forms. Most of us don’t want to end up back here again! In order to ascend, we have to do what we agreed to do! Please don’t rely on someone else who says they can control whether or not you ascend. It might sound mystical or magickal, but think rationally. Ask questions. Do your research. Only you can ensure that you ascend! I would definitely recommend avoiding practitioners who say that you don’t have the power to ascend on your own and need to pay them to do it for you. That’s a huge red flag. Providing you with tools that can help you are one thing, but someone making claims to make some type of arrangement on your behalf is another. So, let’s take a look at how we can make sure that we ascend by addressing each obstacle in our path.

1) Unnatural Seals & DNA blockages:

This one is fairly simple! You will need to have your DNA activated by an experienced practitioner. I personally decided to get every single DNA activation I could get my hands on! Lol. What can I say? I love overkill. After having my DNA activated and working with the DNA energies for a few years, I look back and think WOW! I have come SO far! You will see spiritual gifts open up and strengthen. Abilities may emerge suddenly or slowly over time. No matter what, it’s an amazing experience!

Before having your DNA activated, I would highly recommend having any negative implants or unnatural seals removed! I did not have my implants and seals removed till after I began my DNA work, but I HIGHLY recommend having this done, as you will have much more success activating your DNA once all seals are removed. Once negative implants and seals are removed, your chakras should be worked on, and then you can focus on your Kundalini without any issues!

I need to point out that I do not advise getting your DNA activated and then doing nothing. I’m sure many people want to find the easiest ways to ascend but that is not how it works. You put yourself here to make sure you fulfilled your purpose. Cheating your way through will only put you right back here all over again. You may feel secure thinking you have found a way around it, a loophole if you will, but once you end up back at square one, it will be too late to simply put in a bit more effort! You will already have forgotten all about your previous life and have to spend another lifetime trying to find out this information again. That is just not a risk I would be willing to take.

2) Karma:

This one will be easy for some and harder for others. All you need to do is clear your karmic debt! You can receive this as a service that is done for you OR you can choose to be attuned to karmic clearing energies that you can run yourself as needed. This way you can keep your karmic slate clean and cleared. However, please be mindful of karma in general! You cannot go around acting like you are better than everyone else, refusing to help others in need, or being straight up horrible and expect to ascend. You have to actually LEARN how to LOVE! Learn how to treat others. Learn how to be kind! You want to ensure that you aren’t a total jerk basically lol. I know, it’s harder for some than it is for others. Everyone makes mistakes, but as long as we are learning that is all that matters! I wasn’t always who I am today. I have done things I’m not proud of. Hasn’t everyone? I am constantly evolving and changing, as are you. We make mistakes and get off track, but as long as we come back and learn from things, it’s all good.

So start off with learning how to love yourself, and then branch out from there! Self love is honestly pretty difficult, but it feels SO incredible once you finally reach the stage where you TRULY love yourself. It took me nearly 40 years to learn how to love myself and now I couldn’t be happier. Once you truly love yourself, it’s easier to love others! It’s easier to accept others. Self love is a huge part of our journey here!

3) Failed soul mission:

This is the hardest part! We fail our soul missions because we don’t remember what they are! The longer we are here on earth, being distracted by this thing called life. Forgetting all about our previous spiritual knowledge, we lose track of our purpose. To remember your mission you must closely connect with your higher self, your SOUL! You must listen to your higher self, which requires you to develop your intuition and psychic abilities. Doing so takes work! We are all born with abilities, however we are conditioned to suppress them, to ignore them. Reconnecting to them can be hard, but it’s totally worth it! And trust me, you CAN DO IT!! Seriously, believe in yourself! You’ve got this!

I personally think of my spiritual path as an investment, similar to a college fund. It’s an investment in my spiritual education. It ensures that I can learn and do all that I can possibly do to make sure I end the cycle of reincarnation, for myself and others, as long as they are truly ready. I have spent a great deal of time and money taking nearly every course I can get my hands on, getting certified in every energy healing modality I can, and then passing those energies on to my clients. The investment has been substantial, but I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to help others by offering energy systems and services. As I continued down this path, I was able to confirm that this is part of my soul mission! So it’s a win win! I’m able to do what I love while also helping others! Your soul mission could be something on a much larger or even smaller scale. Everyone is different! Don’t compare your mission to others. Each person has a unique role to play and no part goes unnoticed. My point is, you must invest in your spiritual self to ensure ascension takes place in this lifetime.

So, what I would recommend for your soul is receiving attunements related to your psychic abilities first and foremost. This will help open you up and enhance your abilities. Then focus on attunements aimed to connect you with your higher self so you can connect and communicate. Finally I would recommend you focus on soul care! This includes soul retrieval and healing. I will end this entry with a list of recommended services and attunements that will help you secure your path to ascension.


Now for the big question! Where will we end up after we ascend?

Some sources say we have over 30 different realms to reside in after we stop reincarnating. Others say 7, but once you realize that YOU are the creator or ‘source’, all realms merge into one. Some sources say there are 12 dimensions. And some say that we move through ALL the realms on our way to the “top”, which is the ascension realm. We can spend time in every realm and decide where we would like to end up. If that’s the case, we have many realms to reside in, OR we have one extremely massive one, with various areas similar to different countries or even worlds! Some say that where we end up completely depends on our religion and beliefs. Through our beliefs, we create our own reality. This sounds very similar to manifesting and creating your own existence. I personally believe there are INFINITE realms and dimensions. No matter what you currently believe, this topic is definitely worth researching and exploring further!

I read a wonderful article that said that instead of lower and higher dimensions, we have outer and inner dimensions. This is partially because higher dimensional beings see all dimensions are equal and do not see them as ‘better’ or ‘worse’. Instead they are closer to our soul or more distant. I absolutely love this!

I personally believe that we can continue to traverse all the astral realms after death. Why would we be locked into one area when there are so many?? Can you imagine how powerful we will be once we shed these human skins? Our souls are literally ‘creators’. There’s no way we would limit ourselves as we have limited ourselves to just one realm during our ‘training’ aka reincarnation. Once we have successfully ascended, I believe we can go anywhere!

Let’s use entities as an example. Entity companions specifically. They are far more evolved than we are and yet they CHOOSE to visit our realm and help us with our life and our spiritual growth. They choose to guide us and share knowledge with us. That is what I believe we will be doing for others after we ascend. We have the OPTION to help others who have not yet ascended from whatever plane we exist on at that time.

However you’d like to look at it, or what your current beliefs are, think about how many astral realms there are! I have visited so many astral realms that I have lost count! There are an astonishing amount! And new realms are constantly being created. I believe that we will still be able to travel the realms as we see fit after death. Why not? We can do it now and we are nothing compared to our true selves right now! Don’t limit yourself based on things you are told. Do your own research and spirit work and then decide what YOU want. This is all about you after all!


Attunements, empowerments, and services to help you on your ascension journey:

J-Seals & Unnatural Seals Removal Session:

Complete DNA Activation Package:

Karmic Clearing Attunement:

Karmic Flowers Attunement:

Soul Retrieval Attunement:

Soul Evolution Attunement:

Soul Care Attunements:

These services and attunements will get you started on your path to ascension! After you have worked your way through these, I have some amazing attunements focused on ascension as well. I will try to update this list regularly, but you may also use the search bar on my website to search “ascension” or any of the other terms used in this article to see additional options. You can always contact me as well if you have questions or need guidance. Thank you so much!


Additional Ascension Attunements:

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