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Let’s talk about buyer/seller issues! Part One ~

I wanted to take a moment to talk about a few things regarding both buyers and sellers in the metaphysical community. I feel that it’s important to discuss these things, so hopefully this will help someone out there in some way. There will be two parts to this article since it’s a lot to cover and I wanted to break it up into two sections.

I am sure most of you who have been a part of the metaphysical community for longer than a year have witnessed a certain amount of drama between both buyers and sellers. I’m sure that these types of issues occur in all communities, but in the metaphysical community it’s likely much more pronounced because most of what we do for our clients is intangible! Our work requires a certain level of trust and belief on behalf of our clients.

It just takes one person to spread doubt to others. One who is upset about something in that moment or one who simply does not like you can plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of others. The person may start posting on servers or forums, using these platforms as a place to vent or release their anger. Other people read this information, ask them questions (yet never actually hear the full story, just one side), and are then full blown believers in the person who is bashing you. Before you know it there is a group of people you’ve never even heard of claiming to be your customers and leaving negative feedback/comments as well. Some clients will not be satisfied with your work and that’s okay! Others may simply leave nasty comments because they want to hurt you and your business. Every conjurer has a different energy and we all have to find practitioners whom we mesh well with energetically.

If you are upset with a seller or are unhappy with their services, it is best to reach out to the seller privately with your concerns using an official channel such as their website. There is a solution to every problem and communication and professionalism is so very important! Communicate with the seller and be reasonable and the situation can be easily resolved. Sellers/practitioners are people too! We have busy lives, we get sick, we have health issues, kids, families, etc. Sometimes our lives can be messy, just like everyone else’s lives! We might fall behind and take some time to get caught up on orders. That doesn’t make us bad people or practitioners! It makes us human!

If a person/client is sending you rude, hateful, or threatening emails, block them! It isn’t the greatest idea to engage with a person who is acting out in extreme ways, at least in my opinion. When you see things like this occur in relation to ANY seller in public, please take a moment to consider the fact that people can say literally anything they want when they are upset/angry and you are only hearing their side of the story. Many sellers do not bother responding because they are trying their best not to engage with said person(s) while remaining professional.

To summarize, if you are having a dispute of some sort with a seller, please reach out to the seller via their website or group page and officially request a resolution to your specific issue. If you still do not hear from the seller after making your official request then you could move on to another platform, such as PayPal. Please do not post about your issues on public forums or leave negative reviews BEFORE giving the seller a chance to resolve any issues you may have. Seriously, what good does that do for anyone?

That’s all for part one! Stay tuned for part two!

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