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Let’s talk about buyer/seller issues! Part Two ~

On the other hand, as a practitioner, we are constantly judged and have other practitioners claiming that our conjures are fake or our binding methods are shoddy. This is absolutely ridiculous, as all practitioners have cloaking in place as well as other methods to ensure our bindings cannot be viewed or tampered with. People are free to work with whomever they’d like. It’s not a good idea to tell clients not to work with ’Jane’ or ‘Joe’. Not every person will vibe well with a conjurer either. Please keep that in mind on your journey. This does not mean that the conjurer is fake, their beings are fake, etc. It simply means that some folks vibe better with certain practitioners. Just because someone doesn’t feel things as strongly from one conjurer does not mean that they aren’t legitimate!

The metaphysical community is made up of various groups and cliques and if you aren’t a part of said clique or you don’t exactly get along with said group, there’s a chance that group might talk about you in a negative way. Try leaving a seller’s group you no longer wish to be a part of and see what happens lol. In my experience, a ton of drama followed. I won’t lie, I most certainly do not like every seller out there but I do my very best to keep to myself and ignore the latest drama. I don’t rally my clients to hate on others. I don’t need to bash other sellers to make myself appear ‘holier than thou’. That being said, if you see someone going out of their way to ‘ruin’ someone’s business, ‘force‘ them to leave the community, or ‘expose’ them, remember that there is another side to the story that you are not seeing! Reasonable people usually don’t behave that way, just sayin…

Having a seller or friend check or read your bindings from another practitioner is another massive issue. This will only cause more harm than good. Once that seed is planted in your mind and you think someone is “bad news”, you will never see your companions from that person in the same light again. Trust me I have made this mistake myself in the past. Think for yourself and don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t take petty ‘human issues’ out on your companions. If you do decide that you don’t want or cannot keep your companions anymore, contact the seller/conjurer and request that they unbind your companions. This way they can at least be rehomed. If you were trained by a practitioner who encouraged unbinding and banishing companions from other sellers, it’s not too late to change how you do things! We are always learning and growing!

In the past I have participated in metaphysical drama and it’s exhausting! It’s also never ending! I have seen sellers attack other sellers for the most ridiculous reasons such as conjuring from the same realms or naming a race of entities a similar name. I’m sorry but realms do not belong to us and neither do the entities that reside there, unless of course it’s a created realm with created beings. I’m not saying that some practitioners don’t have contracts with certain races though! I’ve even seen sellers claim that a photo from the internet that they used for their listing is THEIR photo and no one else can use it lol. All sellers pull from the same photos available via internet searches. There are bound to be duplicate photos used across the board. I honestly used to believe that this was just the way things were done around here, but WHY?? Why can’t we all exist without tearing each other down?

Another huge issue I’ve seen WAY too much of is clients and/or sellers who claim that you have ‘stolen’ their companions. I of course cannot speak for every seller out there, but as a conjurer, when I do a binding, it is a contract between the entity and the human companion. I would never and have never attempted to unbind a client’s companion UNLESS they have specifically requested that their companion be unbound. This is rare, but does happen from time to time. If you are having trouble sensing your companion, that does not mean that the conjurer has tampered with your binding. That being said, if you are a seller you should never threaten to unbind your clients companions. It is our job to bring the spirit/entity together with their companion and that is all. It is NOT our right to take them away!

It is highly unlikely that I will ever be officially affiliated with another seller or group again. There are plenty of wonderful people in this community but there are also some really terrible people who put all of their energy into tearing others down or encouraging the people who are doing the tearing down. It’s fairly easy to tell who supports, allows, or even welcomes this kind of behavior in their seller groups. From this point forward, I want no part of it. I will not use my server or other platforms to bash other sellers nor will I sit back and watch people on my server bashing others. Enough is enough.

I wasted a lot of time trying to please certain peers and fit in with certain groups only to end up realizing that the none of it matters. I am my own person and I want my journey to be filled with positivity, happiness, love, and growth. I wish the same for everyone on their journey! If you are struggling for any reason right now, keep your chin up! Things will work out exactly as they were meant to. Everyone makes mistakes and learns from them. That’s literally what life is. A lifetime of lessons to help us become who we are meant to be. Stick with the people who were truly there for you and forget about those who weren’t. Best wishes to you all and good luck on your spiritual journey!



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