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Let’s Talk: Moldavite, Tektites, Rare Gems & Jewelry!!

As a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and lifelong collector of crystals, I’ve been collecting, studying, and working with crystals for well over 30 years. I have extensive knowledge of crystals and their metaphysical properties. I use a combination of my expertise and intuition when selecting crystals for a piece or for a client. I am now offering OOAK and custom made jewelry pieces that double as meditation tools! It’s been awhile since I have offered these items. It’s so nice to be creating these pieces again! I am literally filling this post with various photos of my crystals and pieces so that you can get an idea of what I offer.

I offer authentic, high quality crystals such as:

  • Moldavite - Grade AA, A & B

  • Libyan Desert Glass - Grade A and up!

  • Herkimer Diamonds - A to AAA Grade (From salt & pepper to water clear)

  • Phenacite/Phenakite - African & Brazilian ~ Raw & Polished - AA & AAA Grade

  • Meteorites - various kinds!

  • And much, much more!!!

I have all types of crystals, and if I don’t have what you need, I can get it for you!

I guarantee the authenticity & quality of each and every crystal in my shop!!

I get all of my crystals from the most reputable sources around. I offer a certificate of authenticity for EVERY moldavite piece I offer! This is NOT one of those homemade certificates that literally anyone can make. (Many sellers make their own COAs now, but a true expert is not actually authenticating their stones! Beware of shops offering COA who are not qualified to authenticate gemstones.) The certificates I include with each moldavite purchase comes directly from my source, which is one of, if not THE, best suppliers on the market. I have been working with them for many years now and use them for all of my personal needs as well. They are very well known and respected and have been in business for nearly two decades now.

I have stones in all shapes and sizes that can be used in lockets of literally every shape and size imaginable! I offer wire wrapped pieces using high quality .925 sterling silver wire. You may also request stainless steel or copper wire, but please keep in mind that copper wire will tarnish. I also offer stainless steel crystal cage pendants and glass vial pendants! Please check out the photos in this post for ideas to create your custom order or purchase a pre-made piece!

I absolutely LOVE putting together very special and incredibly powerful sets of synergy & ascension crystals in high quality, tarnish resistant, handmade stainless steel lockets to provide you with meditation & collectors pieces that will last many lifetimes. These pieces are made to be passed down to future generations. They are not cheaply made or mass produced! They are considered investment pieces for this reason.

My moldavite comes from Jakule, Chlum, Vrabce, Nesmen, and Hurka. However, most of my pieces are from Chlum. Moldavite is getting more and more scarce as the mines in the Czech Republic are shutting down and the amount of this alien crystal is dwindling. This green cosmic wonder is becoming more rare by the day as there is no new production coming out of the Czech Republic. Expect prices to increase and continue to do so! It is VERY easy to get scammed when purchasing moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass, Phenakite, Herkimer Diamonds, and many other rare stones. All of my stones are authentic and exceptional quality. I have been buying and selling moldavite and other rare crystals for many years now. I know how to spot fakes, what sellers to avoid, and I guarantee the authenticity of every single item that I sell.

Please educate yourself and study photos of fake stones so that you can learn to spot the difference. Never buy stones that are not shown in various lighting, various angles, and/or magnified. Avoid sellers who don’t show many photos of their moldavites. Look for tiny bubbles, striations, and inclusions in the surface of raw stones. Raw moldavite will have a rough surface texture, pitting, and erosion from nearly 14.5 million years in the earth. Moldavite will only ever be green or greenish brown. Any other colors mean it’s an automatic fake. Fake moldavite is made from green colored glass and is even made from Heineken bottles! Fake moldavite is usually made in nice, even shapes (usually round, oval, and teardrop) and has a shinier surface texture. Many fakes are larger stones but they are faking smaller ones as well now. They are now able to create a few small bubbles in fake stones but they cannot replicate the exact color or texture of authentic moldavite. Polished and faceted moldavite is MUCH harder to authenticate so be very careful if you purchase beads or faceted stones.

Ask sellers to send you additional photos of the piece if you are unsure! If they refuse or say to just trust them, don’t proceed! Never trust a certificate of authenticity unless it’s from a renowned moldavite dealer who works with the GIA. Never buy moldavite from China, Taiwan, or India. Sadly, nearly all of their stones are fake. It’s best to avoid them completely.

My Herkimer Diamonds come directly from the source in Herkimer, New York. Naturally occurring double terminated crystals are very rare. This is what makes Herkimer diamonds amazing creations of nature. The host rock of Herkimer diamonds is the Cambrian-age, Little Falls Dolostone. The Little Falls Dolostone was deposited about 500 million years ago, and the Herkimer diamonds formed in cavities within the dolostone. Herkimer diamonds can be faked as well so be cautious when purchasing! You can easily purchase regular quartz that has been cut into double terminated shapes. Relationships with vendors, miners, and suppliers makes all the difference in receiving high quality authentic items. My Herkimer diamonds range from water clear to what is referred to as dirty or salt and pepper Herkimers. I have teeny tiny crystals and large crystals.

My LDG comes straight from the Libyan Desert. LDG is typically found along the border of Egypt and Libya. LDG was formed between 26 and 28 million years ago when a meteor impact melted the quartz-rich sand of the desert. The unusual elements found in LDG are traces of the vaporized meteorite! King Tut even had a scarab made from LDG! He is the only known pharaoh who had a carved piece of LDG to this day. Owning authentic LDG offers its owner a beautiful mix of ancient Egyptian and out of this world energies! Be careful! LDG is faked nearly as often as moldavite is faked! It is only found in one area and you need to be educated enough to be able to spot some of the fakes that are in circulation. Fakes are typically made from citrine (carved and polished pieces) or colored glass.

My Phenakite comes from Brazil and Africa. I mainly offer clear, colorless  phenakite. Many of the colorless crystals have tiny rainbows and are elestial. They are typically small or tiny. They have insanely powerful energy for such tiny stones. I have a very limited amount of raw phenakite stones that have not been polished or cut in any way. They are black and grey in color and are larger than the polished phenakite. I currently only have a few on hand. Phenakite has been found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Norway, Russia, Tanzania, Switzerland and the USA. Phenakite can get rather pricey and the price depends on the quality and weight of the stone.

If you see these stones listed for low prices, take a moment to consider the fact that they could very well be fake. Reproductions are getting so good, a lot of people have a hard time telling the difference. Large companies buy them in bulk and may not check them over carefully. I never gamble on deals or things that seem too good to be true. Quality over quantity is my motto. I hand pick each individual stone and pay top dollar for them in order to ensure I offer my customers the best of the best.

For a more masculine look, I offer vial pendants and crystal cages with thicker chains. I have several types of vial & cage pendants available and ALL are made from stainless steel that will not tarnish. EVER!!! We can fit multiple smaller crystals in the vials and 1-3 large crystals inside the crystal cages. Check out the photos to give you an idea of what can be done!

Crystal cages are PERFECT for those of you who want to be able to handle your crystal(s) regularly! It’s super easy to pop them in and out. I personally wear a crystal cage with a large 4 gram moldavite and a large Libyan Desert Glass daily. When I want to be more dressy or feminine, I switch between a locket and a wire wrapped pendant.

You can create a meditation piece for yourself or create a very special piece for a companion’s vessel or offering. We can also create something for a loved one. Just let me know what you need and we can discuss it. Once I know what you would like, I can offer you a quote for your new piece. Check out my current listings if you’d like something that’s already ready to ship out!

If you like something that I already have listed, but want to make some changes to it, message me and we can discuss it further.

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have! I’m happy to provide you with additional photos and information on any crystal or piece. If you’re requesting a custom piece, you can choose your crystals! I’ll show you options and you can select your stones! You can also have me intuitively select your crystals! It’s completely up to you. Whether you’d like small, medium, or large crystals, I’ve got you covered!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article!! I hope this helps you know more about what to look for when buying moldavite and other rare stones! Working with these crystals is a truly amazing experience that I hope everyone can partake in during their spiritual journey! I honestly don’t know where I would be today without them! Etheric crystals are phenomenal, but having a physical stone to wear over your heart chakra is truly magickal! There is nothing like it! I wish you all the very best and am always here for you if you need me! ♥️



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