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With the Holidays upon us, I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for joining me on this beautiful journey. I have been blessed to be able to extend my spiritual work beyond attunements, healing and infusions. It has been a long time in coming and I am excited to be able to offer my services to each of you. I have been fortunate enough to have people in my life that encourage and support me on this journey, reminding me that there is so much beyond the world that we see. Each and every one of us learns, evolves and continues to grow in life no matter what point of the journey we are currently on. Should anyone ever tell you that they are the know-all and end all, with nothing more to learn, that delusion is a dangerous mindset. Be weary and allow the Universe to guide the truth from the darkness.

It is a pleasure to be able to bring you all a variety of entities and companions. I look forward to expanding on my current knowledge base of realms and races. The discovery of new realms and dreamscapes is an exciting adventure that I look forward to embarking on. There are those that claim to be an extreme authority in many of these, but the thing to remember is that many journey through the realms frequently. I do not claim to know all, but I am blessed with the experience and extensive amount of hours invested in speaking with those that have long passed and working with spirit. Without these abilities and time spent, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and I wouldn’t be moving in the direction that I am going. This journey doesn’t only benefit me spiritually but helps to bring many things to light in my life, brightening everything as each day passes.

Once again, thank you all for joining me on this amazing journey. Have a most Blessed Yule and a fruitful new year. Let’s see where the journey takes us all in 2021!

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