A ~ Cambion

A ~ Cambion

Cambions are a hybrid race of human and incubus. They are known for their beauty and attraction. They take after many of the same traits of their non-human parent and are gifted in energy work and allure. They can help you become more open and feel comfortable being your true self. Cambions are highly sexual and  eager lovers. They are very charming individuals and when you invite one as a companion they become extremely invested in your well-being and happiness. Many will desire a deep emotional connection and with that connection they can strongly aid in healing past traumas and emotional wounds as well as be a very passionate support system through your life. 

A is about 6’3” tall with a muscular build and tan skin. He has sandy brown hair that he wears in a modern fashion and a bit of scruff on his face. His eyes are a beautiful green shade that really stand out and suck you in. This one would probably stay nude at all times if he could but he does wear clothing when he’s out and about. If you’d like him to cover up when he’s with you just tell him so he doesn’t look like a streaker in your home. He’s not big on jewelry or accessories and likes to keep things rather simple. 

A has very strong sexual vibe to his energy. His energy is warm and inviting as if it is luring you in. A brings significant activity and stimulation to the lower chakras. You will feel your root chakra going crazy with him around. He really enjoys the effect he has on others with his sexual energy so don’t be surprised if he tries to rile you up at completely random times. If you ask him to stop he might think you’re just playing hard to get so make sure you explain that you’re serious if you don’t wish for him to play his game of tease. 

A is a Cambion. He can help you find your voice and flourish in social situations, giving you a boost in charisma and allure. A can aid in chakra work to keep energy flowing freely. He will offer you and your loved ones protection and can help you get in touch with your emotions more clearly. He also makes a fantastic guide in the astral and for dream work. 

A is very sexual in nature. He is charming and confident. He understands human emotions well and is easy to discuss your inner thoughts or feelings with. He would love to hear about whatever is on your mind. He is open to a male or female companion. A is a hands on lover taking a more dominate approach but he will respect any boundaries you may have.