A ~ Female Naga

A ~ Female Naga

The Naga are beings that typically appear as having a human upper body and serpent lower body. At times they have been known to take full human form or the form of a large serpent but usually appear in their hybrid form. They tend to be found a lot around bodies of water and are thus strongly connected to water element. Nagas are dualistic in nature and can range from lighter grey arts to very dark. Some can border into black arts but I will not offer any that are BA in nature. As companions they make excellent spell casters and assist us in our magickal development. They possess strong capabilities to work both light and dark magick. They each have unique skill sets but are often very skilled in illusions, enchanting, and glamours. They can also help boost psychic abilities and many can aid in healing. As protective companions they are usually highly territorial and will not let anything that means harm to get into your space. Their personalities vary but they tend to be very affectionate and often flirtatious and some are highly sexual in nature.

A is so beautiful and bright! She has an athletic yet still very feminine build with light purple skin, long straight fuchsia colored hair, and huge bright yellow eyes. Her tail is a deep rich purple shade with a hot pink pearlescent shimmer. She has purple horns on top of her head, slit pupils, and a serpents tongue. She does not wear clothing but does like jewelry and accessories and wears some very interesting pieces that change from day to day. 

A has a lovely energy. It is very calm and relaxing and very much puts the mind at ease. Her ambient temperature feels on the cold side but she has a very warming hug that sends warm tingles down the body. She has a noticeable weight to her that is more on the cusp of medium to dark grey. Her energy may also produce a noticeable effect on the kundalini, should you feel your spine becoming very hot this is likely from her. 

A is a Naga. She can assist in magickal workings and help add potency to what you are casting. She works with both light and dark magick and can add her boost to just about anything. A can assist with development psychic senses and she has a strong stimulation to the energy centers. She would also make a great partner if you are trying to work on the kundalini. A is very adapt at illusions, she can both cast these and help you see through illusions that others may have. As with other Naga she is quite protective of those she cares for and will ensure your safety.

A is an extremely affectionate lady, she practically smothers in hugs and cuddles. She enjoys wrapping her entire body around you when snuggling. She is very open to the idea of a sexual relationship if you are as well though it's not a requirement of hers. A has a very peaceful and uplifting vibe she gives off, she would make an excellent companion to be a close supporter, guardian, friend or even more.