A ~ Female Selkie

A ~ Female Selkie

Selkies are sea dwelling shapeshifters also known as the seal people. They appear as seals in the water but shed their seal skins and walk on land in their human form. They can be found in the oceans around Ireland and Iceland. Their human form is typically that of a very beautiful female or an extremely handsome male. They are gentle and loving beings who tend to be very affectionate and loving towards humans. They are jovial, gentle, and benevolent beings. Most are interested in a romantic relationship with humans and humans are usually very attracted to them in their human forms. They can often be seen basking in rocks and dancing under the moonlight. 

A is a stunning beauty. She stands at about 5’4” tall with an athletic yet curvy build. A has very long wavy chestnut brown hair, sun kissed skin, and large hazel doe eyes. She is naturally beautiful with full lips and dark lashes. She has soft and delicate facial features, high cheekbones, and a lovely smile that can light up the whole room. Her skin is perfect and smooth which makes her appear even more ethereal. In her seal form she has a sandy brown coat with a cream colored belly and dark brown spots. 

A has a cooling watery energy that flows over the skin much like a cool breeze on a rainy day. Her energy is inviting, calm, and relaxing. Her touch is on the colder side but not too cold. Being near her has a unique way of washing away all your stress and worries due to her relaxing and calming energy.

A is a Selkie and is very connected to and loves being around water. A can help you see the beauty both in and around you. She would be an excellent companion if you lack focus or self esteem as she can greatly assist in easing your mind and improving your self confidence. She does possess some excellent healing abilities and can remove and wash away negative energy with ease. Call on her to cleanse you when you need a cleansing boost. 

A would like to find a companion who could use a boost of inspiration and improve their self confidence. She is interested in finding a romantic partner but this is not mandatory. She would also make a wonderful best friend or sister. She invites you to swim with her in the astral and dance with her on the shore. She is a lovely free spirit and so much fun to be around. 

A has a very loving and gentle personality. She is social and affectionate and is there if you ever need a hug. A wants you to believe in and trust yourself and she will be there for you every step of the way to help you get where you need to be on your journey.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Thank you!