A ~ Warrior Elf

A ~ Warrior Elf

A is gorgeous. She is about 5’10” tall with tan skin and long white hair that she wears pulled back in a high ponytail for battle. She has full pouty lips and delicate facial features with large pale blue eyes. She has pointy ears like others of her kind and a slim figure with lots of curves in all the right places. You will likely never see her in anything but a full suit of armor carrying her trusty blade. She typically paints her face with war paint but the colors depend on her mood. 

A has a grounding and stabilizing energy. It's a little weighty but not overly heavy. A very slight breeze and coolness may be noticed. Her energy can be most strongly felt in the lower chakras as well as the aura around the shoulders and head. She is grey arts and on the middle of the spectrum. 

A is a warrior elf. She is skilled at tracking and well versed in long range and close range combat. She has a knack for reading energies and their originating signatures. A will watch over the security of you and your place. She can create barriers to prevent intruders and drive away those that may try to breach through. A can also help bring out your self confidence, determination and warrior strength of mind to fight through any obstacles that arise. She does possess magickal capabilities along with her combat training, giving her a well rounded approach to assess each situation that requires protection differently. 

A has two sides to her. When dealing with security she is strictly business and no nonsense. During down times she can be laid back and easy going. During these times she would enjoy spending time relaxing and talking with you, she can be affectionate and is very supportive, offering guidance or suggestions when needed or even just lending an ear to listen. She is not one to let her guard down though and can quickly flip a switch if anything were to arise that required her protective side.

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