A ~ Weaver

A ~ Weaver

The Weavers are a type of ancient witch that I call Weavers because of the way they work their magick. When they are casting they spin and weave stunning energetic webs that resembles the web of a spider. They are not spiders themselves, it is simply how they perform their spellwork. They make ideal companions as casting partners, teachers of magick, mentors, trapping negative and harmful energies in their webs, protection, and warding. They are typically fairly dark in nature but can range from grey to dark arts depending on the individual weaver. These are ancient living entities and should be treated with respect. They are very powerful and their magick is very effective. 

A is simply stunning. She is short but powerful, standing at about 5’2” tall with a curvy build. A has long straight grey/white hair, light skin, and glowing amber eyes. Her body is covered in markings similar to tattoos. If you enjoy tattoos she would love to compare between earthen tattoos and the type she has. She typically dresses in darker shades and is always wearing her cloak. She changes her makeup and hair regularly and accessorizes with many different unique pieces. She has an affinity for bones and dark crystals and would very much enjoy offerings of both. She looks very similar to the photo she chose to represent her. 

A has a very dark and heavy presence that wraps around the body with a strong weight. It has a warm and protective feeling to it and you may notice a strong throbbing at the third eye. Her touch is strong and noticeable, letting you know when she is nearby. She is one the dark arts spectrum and sits nicely in the middle. 

A is a Weaver. More specifically she is a dark witch that uses weaving to work her magick. She is skilled at protection, warding, and trapping negative energy. She can also transmute energy that she traps into whatever type of energy you desire. She is adapt at binding and unbinding (to be clear this is speaking of harmful binding spells that another person may try to place on you, not bindings you purchase from other conjurors). A can assist with manifestation and personal empowerment as well as spiritual growth. 

A would make an excellent mentor and teacher. She is willing to be patient and support you as you go at your own pace. She wants to point out this isn't a race and she will aid you in finding the direction and pace that is right for you. She is very patient and kind but will also be stern when needed. She would also like to point out that if she is asked to do something that she does not agree with, or that would harm someone for no reason, she will not do it. She is a strong woman and deserves respect.