Ascension Symptoms Flush Sessions ~

Ascension Symptoms Flush Sessions ~

Ascension Symptoms Flush Sessions ~ 

Ascension Symptom Flush can ease the transition and pressure often felt as Earth travels in new areas of space and physical bodies adjust to being in the presence of a new quality of light vibration. Divinity emerges from within the hologram of this reality, instead of simply arriving from without.

When you are beckoned, from within and without to ‘enlighten’ and shift the speed with which the atoms in our cells spin, to be in sync with the energy that the Earth is bathed in, it can be uncomfortable. 

Ascension Symptom Flush helps your body to drop away the "static" or non-moving energy that resists adapting to the divine upgrades that beckon to be embodied. In this way, the internal pressure and restlessness can subside.

This is a flush that I activate for you to help ease the discomfort and symptoms that come with ascension. 

Ascension Symptoms Flush has been known to and may assist with, but is not limited to, nor promised to ease:

* Headaches due to energy shifts and influx
* Headaches due to upgrade in intuition or spiritual abilities
* Flu-like symptoms of toxin release and cleansing
* Nightmares due to subconscious processing
* Bone aches due to structural changes
* Chest pressure due to spatial convergence
* Heart palpitations due to Earth pulse changes
* Moodiness due to your soul inciting you to change
* Moodiness due to Divinity beckoning you to transform
* Aching body due to cellular changes and divine upgrades being implemented 
* Feeling of being in two or more places at once
* Feeling of being spacey or as if you are busy "someplace else" 
* General unease and restlessness for no known reason.

I will keep this listing fairly low so that those who need it can purchase it as often as they’d like. You can even buy a bundle of sessions and then contact me whenever you’d like me to run it for you. 

I don’t need an extensive amount of time to perform this service for you, maybe 20-30 minutes. You don’t have to do anything on your end except be willing to accept the energy. That is why it’s priced lower than some other services. 

Please send me you name and location (city and state) and I will run this for you at your request! Thank you! 

Legally I must state that this is not a medical treatment and is not intended to treat any physical conditions or ailments. Energy work is not a replacement for medical care or a substitution for the care of a doctor.