Astral Realms

Astral Realms

With this service I can create a safe and protected astral realm that will be for you and any companions you have or will have. Below are some examples I can do including magickal forests, oasis villages, kingdoms, winter wonderlands etc. This is not a comprehensive list and I can do other styles or architecture types you may prefer but I will need pictures or art to use as a building template to start with. 

Small requests or revisions that deviate from main pictures can be made but larger changes will come with additional fees depending on how much and what you would like changed. 

Some additional examples of what can be made with a template include island resorts, gothic or victorian architecture, various styles from around the world whether used today or in the past. The realms will take at least 8-12 weeks to complete depending on my current workload and will be remote bound as a portal to a vessel you have in your possession. This service is for vessel binding ONLY! 

You will receive a summary of the layout of your realm as well as any details on extra surprises I add in for you, however I cannot walk you through every inch of your realm, as I create them for you and your companions to enjoy exploring together over time. It allows for adventure and bonding together. Therefore please do not request specifics on every square inch of your realm! 

Surprises will always be added in for you and your companions! Feel free to send me a list of your companion’s races so that I can add things they may like! The more companions you have the larger the realm will need to be. You can also do realms for each type of companion or one for light arts and one for dark arts beings. The possibilities are truly endless! The amount of these will be limited so that I do not fall behind but will be restocked when the previous realms have been completed!