Astral Travel Enchanted Crystal Kit

Astral Travel Enchanted Crystal Kit

These Crystal Kits were enchanted during July’s Black Moon to assist you in connecting to the astral realms, connecting your physical body to your astral body, increasing lucid dreams, and providing you with protection during your travels. 

Each set includes 9 powerful crystals and a beautiful satin pouch. Please note that crystal size and shape will vary, but will be selected from the crystals shown in the photos.  

Astral traveling or astral projection can be a wonderful experience and a great way to develop your spiritual abilities. I have created a kit with some of the best crystals to help facilitate astral travel, astral projection, and lucid dreaming while protecting you on your travels! 

If you spend time working with these crystals you will get an upperhand on astral travel! How do crystals affect being able to do astral projection? Using crystals to help facilitate the astral journey is widely believed to be an important piece of preparing for the journey. 

It is worth the investment of time and money in order to achieve the goal of having an astral experience. By using crystals, journeyers purify their energy and attract more positive spirits and experiences while in the astral realm. 

Certain crystals have metaphysical properties that support the astral travel process. Crystals are known to store and transmit energy. They help in the cleansing process and when picked up in the palm of the hand they can absorb the negative energy from within the person holding the stone. 

They are also known to intensify the personal vibrations that are necessary to activate the astral travel experience. It’s important to remember that in most cases learning to travel astrally takes time and discipline to be successful. 

Hence, you must be willing to work on it regularly in order to be successful. It takes time and patience and practice. Self doubt is a big no no when working with the meta in general. 

Remember to keep moving ahead and you’ll get there! Astral traveling is when your astral body leaves your physical body. It is also known as astral projection, OBE or an out-of-body experience. 

Most people have astral travelled at some point in their lives whether they are aware of it or not. We can quite easily have involuntary astral traveling experiences when we are sleeping, physically exhausted or emotionally drained. Jerking awake during sleep, having a falling or flying dream and dejavu are all signs that your astral body has left your physical body before. 

Astral traveling is a wonderful experience and you'll want to do it over and over again once you get the hang of it! When our astral body leaves our physical body we can go wherever we’d like, visit whoever we wish, and explore places which are a great distance away from our plane of existence, the physical plane. 

Advanced astral travellers are even able to bend themselves through time and visit the past and the future. The astral plane allows us to travel without the limitations of things such as time and gravity which we have on the physical plane.     


Rainbow Bismuth: 
What sets this crystal apart from other crystals is its ability to transmit your life force energies from the crown to the root chakra, which is something that not all crystals can do. It is stated that Bismuth is the best Crystal for astral projection. It amplifies your vibrational field and unlocks all your energy centers. It’s an ideal crystal when you want to become revitalized but don’t have a lot of time to do it. Bismuth is a powerful crystal when it comes to spiritual healing. It improves your concentration when you practice your visualization and helps you travel from the physical plane to the spiritual realm. The rainbow-colored crystals are high-quality bismuth that is heated to help encourage crystallization. The colors in the crystals are natural and appear because of the thin oxidized surface layer on the crystal that causes light to interfere when reflected from the surface. 

Celestite is highly regarded as a powerful healing crystal and is revered for its divine energies and high frequency. It is primarily associated with the crown and throat chakras but is believed to stabilize all chakras. It is great for use in meditation, prayer, and astral travel, as it is claimed to open and calm the mind of its owner and connect them to angelic realms. It is also an aura purifier. If you need to make sense of your dreams, celestite is famous for its ability to improve dream recall, down to the details. 

Iolite increases your awareness during astral traveling. This means that once you come back into your physical body and wake up, you'll be able to recall your experience with greater ease. Once you re-join your physical body, you will be in awe of all the wonder that the spirit realm holds. This will make you want to do it again and again! An extra benefit is that iolite enhances the desire to explore, meaning that you will want to travel through the astral plane even more. 

Black Tourmaline: 
Black tourmaline is a highly protective stone. When on the astral plane, your level of energy determines which elevation you will be on. Lower levels harbor negative entities that will drain your energy. Higher levels are the realm of more positive beings. To protect yourself from beings that will pull you down by sucking all your energy, make use of black tourmaline. Its high positive energy will keep you rising. 

This crystal works in a similar fashion to iolite. But while iolite enhances the desire to explore, labradorite makes you more adventurous. You will want to know what lies beyond the next bend. When combined, the two form a powerful energy that enables you to flow with no effort across the spirit realm. Labradorite will help your astral body move effortlessly into the astral plane. Most people have trouble doing this so labradorite will be a huge help. 

Quartz is used to enhance the power generated by all the other crystals. This makes astral travelling easier as you will have enough energy to do so. A quartz crystal will open all of your chakras and enhance the abilities of any other crystals you use. They are versatile crystals and have a profound effect on opening you up to other worlds and realms. 

When it comes to the actual act of astral projection, we know that relaxation is a big factor. Amethyst is popular among people who induce an out-of-body experience for especially this reason. It will help you relax deeply in order for you to separate your physical body from your spirit and enter into the spirit realm. Amethyst is another crown chakra gemstones. It helps you in astral travel with its ethereal chakra energies. It can help you travel into the past and future if you’re ready. 

The healing crystal of liquid light is also upped by many crystal experts because we believe it contains shards and pieces of the first form of life by our creator. This stone that awakens your crown chakra powers and cleanses your aura. 

This crystal promotes positive vibrations of love, calm and serenity. Angelite will therefore help you move further up the levels of the astral plane. A benefit of this is that you will be able to avoid the negative entities that seek to drain your energy. 

When practicing astral travel use as many of these crystals as you like. You can place them in the bag provided and put them under your pillow at night or on your nightstand. You can meditate with a few of them on your chakras. Whatever feels comfortable for you will be the right way to practice astral traveling. 

Cleansing & Care: 
This kit has selenite in it, which I love for cleansing crystals. You can also use kyanite, smoke/smudging, and/or bathe them in the light of the moon. The quartz will help keep your crystals charged and the selenite will keep them free of negative energies.

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