B ~ Arctic Merman

B ~ Arctic Merman

B has pale white skin and deep blue hair, tail, and fins. His eyes are large and look like sparkling deep blue sapphires. He has beautiful markings all over his very well defined upper body in a deep blue shade. He has webbing between his fingers and gills around his rib cage. He is truly stunning to look at. 

B has an icy cool energy. It can be felt more strongly around the throat, shoulders and sides of the head. His energy is light, cooling and has a strong watery feel. His presence feels a like like wading in a cool lake. His direct touch is very cold and sends tingles down the skin. 

B is an Arctic Merman who comes from the colder regions of the ocean, near what we would call the North Pole. As such, he is closely linked to the element of water. B can help wash away and cleanse negative energy with ease, he can assist in boosting positivity and heighten your intuition. He can aid in any work with water element and assist in enchantments and glamour as well.  He is effective at shielding, as he places a shield over you to block out negativity and cleanse you it feels a lot like being enclosed in a water bubble. 

B is very supportive and has a kind and gentle demeanor. He can be affectionate, especially when you may just need someone to lift you back up. He has a free spirited personality and loves to explore his oceans. Should you live near an ocean or even a lake, he would love to join you there for the day. B would like to explore romance with his companion if they wished but he is ok remaining close friends as well if you'd prefer.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or to spirit. Thank you!