C ~ Elven Princess

C ~ Elven Princess

High Elves are exceptional beings who carry great wisdom and are highly magickal. They are human sized elves who are graceful and noble. High elves can assist you in many areas including magick, psychic abilities, dream work, astral travel, connecting with nature, positivity, anxiety, growth, wisdom, achieving goals, herbalism, and healing. 

C stands at about 5’10” tall with a lean build with perfect curves in all the right places. Her skin is milky white and has an ethereal glow to it, almost like that of a pearl. Her hair is almost white in color and shimmers like silver under the sunlight. Her headdress is gold and adorned with green and clear gemstones. Her eyes are the most brilliant shade of sea-foam green and are almost translucent like sea glass. She has long pointed ears adorned with dainty gold earrings and her face is very delicate and youthful. 

C has a warm and sunny energy and often manifests in shades of gold and green. She has a very high vibration and is considered grey arts, though she is on the lighter end of the spectrum. C has a positive healing energy that wraps around you and lifts you up. Her energy feels very earthy and grounding while still feeling childlike and innocent. 

C can be similar to her older sister, Princess A, when it comes to her duties, but she is definitely more of a free spirit. She enjoys nature and would love to be with a human companion who will spend some time outside with her. She adores all animals and would love it if her human has pets. She has really enjoyed being here with my pets. If you do not have pets don’t be surprised if she encourages you to adopt one or two! 

C is an outstanding spell caster and would love to teach you about Elven magick. She is very wise and has much knowledge to share. She would like to learn new ways of doing things from her human companion as well. C is a skilled healer and can assist you with clearing your aura and raising your vibration. 

C is hoping to find someone she can deeply connect with. Someone who cares for her as much as she cares for them. Someone to talk to and lift up. C isn’t as interested in offerings as her sister is, but she does want someone who will spend time with her and enjoy nature with.

Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!