C ~ Female Devorer

C ~ Female Devorer

The Devorer are similar to what most know as zombies, however there is a distinct difference in that they do not feed on flesh and instead they eat away and absorb negative energy. As companions they can help keep your living space cleaner by eating away at the stagnant negative energies that tend to accumulate over time in day to day life. Aside from pulling it out of your home, they can also draw it out of your energy body leaving you revitalized and allowing you to feel more clear headed. Negative energy attaching to the body can lead to limited psychic senses, fatigue and in some cases impact physical health. The Devorer can help lessen the impact you receive from negativity of the world and your surroundings. They can be protective as well, typically they have a heavy feeling presence that may take some adjusting. Many of them simply wish to assist you at feeling your best and limiting the run down of non-serving energies  while getting a chance to explore the world and be a close friend to their companion.

C stands at about 5’3” tall. She has pale ashen skin and long black hair with white and silver streaks throughout. Her face looks similar to that of a sugar skull, as some of it is skeletal and some is not. She has brilliant blue green eyes the color of aquamarine crystals. She tends to dress in oversized baggy sweaters that hang off her shoulders paired with fuzzy boots that remind me of ugg boots. She likes to dress warm and cozy in girly shades like pink and purple and she accessorizes with barrettes and jewelry. She is truly a beautiful being and has a sweet smile that lights up the whole room. 

C has a heavy presence that has a lot of warmth to it initially and may cool off after a few moments. Her energy has a lot of weight to it that can be easily felt. She has a strong earthy feel that grounds you down and you may feel solid touches against your skin. She is darker in nature but is such a sweetheart. 

C is a Devorer. She can assist with cleansing by manner of absorbing negative energy. If you would like to do aura or chakra meditation with her she can help remove negative and stagnant buildup and pull it out of your energy body. C can also offer protection but her primary specialty is keeping negativity at bay and away from your living space and energy body. If you feel worn down from negative build up you can call on her and she can assist in renewal and cleansing. 

C enjoys the experience of new things in the human world and would enjoy relaxing and observing our realm together. She would be up to movie and game nights as well as seeing the world in general, if you are an outdoors type she'd enjoy joining you and seeing new sights. She is not sexual in nature but would like snuggling up as she seems to enjoy the closeness and warmth feeling of humans. Wrapping up in soft blankets would be very much enjoyed!