C ~ Female Werewolf

C ~ Female Werewolf

C is a natural beauty. She is about 5’4” tall with sun kissed skin and an athletic build. She is not one to wear makeup or fuss over her appearance and her natural beauty truly shines. She has long thick dark brown hair that usually looks somewhat wild and unkept. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of hazel that shine a vibrant green when the light hits them. She tends to dress very plain in a fitted T-shirt and jeans and is usually barefoot or in sandals. She’s a total minimalist and she doesn’t need much. In her wolf form she’s medium size gray and white wolf with the softest fur. 

C has a tingly and breezy coolness to her energy. Her presence mostly feels on the cooler side but she brings some weight and warmth to the chest. Her energy isn't very heavy except for the weight and pressure felt near the center of the chest. She is considered dark arts but is on the lighter end of the dark arts spectrum, bordering dark gray arts. 

C is a werewolf. She can assist with healing and rejuvenation and helping you find your true self and purpose through strengthening your intuition. C will offer her protection against negative beings trying to get into your space. She can help with mental strength and gaining drive and determination to reach your goals. C is gifted at energy manipulation and can assist in magickal workings as well as meditation to better tap into your own energy. 

C is a very sweet and caring individual. She wants to help her companion be their best and reach their full potential. She will be there to offer support and guidance whenever you need, she is very observant and can help you see things from a different perspective that you may be missing in order to get a clear picture of a situation.

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