C ~ Lunar Fae

C ~ Lunar Fae

C is a beautiful creature. She stands at about 4’ tall with a slim and athletic build. She has pale grayish purple skin, long curly white hair with deep purple streaks, and eyes the color of bright sparkling amethyst crystals. She wears very little clothing, mainly a sheer fabric that is draped around her torso that shimmers under the moonlight. Her wings are large and are similar to those of a dragonfly in shades of deep purple, blue, and silver. Her skin is covered in a beautiful shimmer that sparkles like the stars in the night sky and she has tiny “antennas” that stick out from her hair. Her ears are long and pointed like those of an elf and her limbs and fingers are very long and make her appear very ethereal. 

C has a gentle and relaxing energy that runs on the cooler side. It has a watery feel too it while having a minor electrical charge. Most noticably is the tingling she sends up the body, she also has a stimulating effect on the third eye and to a lesser degree the solar plexus region. You may notice this as throbbing in the forehead and a warming sensation in the upper abdomen (this seems to be the only instance where her energy gives off warmth instead of a cooling ambience). She is grey arts and is on the lighter end of the grey arts spectrum. 

C is a Lunar Fae. She is skilled at utilizing the phases of the moon and the energy that comes with each one, she would be exceptional at connecting you to your intuition and can help with psychic perception. She is adapt at energy healing if your energy body ever needs a touch up. C would enjoy teaching lunar magick to her companion, she can also assist as a guide in the astral and dream work. If you would like to utilize lunar energy with crystals she would also be of big assistance for when and what to charge during a specific phase to get the most out of your intention. 

C is a bubbly and happy lady. She enjoys being in the outdoors especially in the moonlight. She wants to become a close and supportive friend you can depend on. C is a patient teacher if you'd like to learn directly from her. She has a gentle and supportive demeanor and will go at your pace to perfect what she is teaching.

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