C ~ Seraphim

C ~ Seraphim

Seraphim are the Highest Order of Angels in the Heavenly Hierarchy. They are beings of pure light, Angels of love and fire. They radiate Pure Divine Light. These Angels work with huge inner reserves of compassion and Divine love. They constantly focus on raising the rate of their vibrations to maintain the Divine energy stable and untainted. Seraphim are the ones who prevent the Divine from being even a little bit tainted with negative energy. They help create and convey positive energy all the way through the other Angelic groups down to the physical realms. Seraphim are intellectual angels with a divine consciousness, who are burning up of self-awareness that accompanies deep spiritual comprehension of divine reality.

C stands at about 5’9” tall with an impressive wingspan, pale skin, and a body type that reminds me of a ballet dancer. Her hair is long, straight, and black and it hangs naturally yet is seemingly perfect. She has delicate features and a soft face with a somewhat serious expression at times. Her eyes are a brilliant sky blue that are so striking against her dark hair. She speaks in a soft voice and has very gentle mannerisms in general yet she is not timid. She is soft spoken but will speak up when needed. 

C has a very high vibrational energy. She can be felt as a strong surge of energy moving throughout the body. She produces a strong and cooling pull directly above the head near the crown chakra. Her energy is light but strongly felt. She is light arts and her energy is powerful and may require some adjusting if you’re not used to white arts beings. She is perfectly fine being in a household with dark arts beings and demons as she has been here with me for some time now and they have become rather friendly with each other. 

C is a Seraphim. She offers strong protection and can call upon other Seraphim to aid if needed. She possesses healing abilities to cleanse and repair the aura when damaged. She has strong effects on the higher chakras and can help stimulate them to become more active. C is looking to be a guide and protector and help you reach your true path you are supposed to be on. 

C is observant and pays great attention to what's going on around you. She is protective, uplifting and supportive. She wants to point out anytime you need to talk she will be there to listen and she can assist with guidance to come up with a plan or simply be there to listen to what's on your mind.