C ~ Sirian Female

C ~ Sirian Female

Sirius is the Brightest Star in our solar system. It is even brighter than our sun. It gives off pure universal light. Sirius is also known as the Blue Star or the Great Central Sun. Ancient Egypt was closely connected to the Sirius Star and their calendar was based on its movements. The Goddess Isis has very close ties with Sirius and is mentioned regularly in texts mentioning her. It is said that the great pyramid was built in such a way to utilize the starlight from Sirius during ancient Egyptian rituals. 

The Sirians are all very unique. No two are exactly alike. Some are more scientific based and others are similar to what we would call ‘hippies’ in that they simply want peace, love, and light. I have yet to meet a malevolent Sirian, as they typically work towards helping the humans on earth to ascend. Sirians have extremely high vibrations and are beings made up of pure love and light. They are closely connected to the Divine in every way possible and can help us elevate our consciousness in ways that we cannot even imagine. 

Starseeds are typically drawn to Sirian beings because they feel familiar or like home. Many humans on earth are descendants of the Sirians, who first came to earth and later became known as the Lemurians. The Lemurians stayed on earth and evolved so I consider them to be a separate race from the Sirians who stayed behind in their Star home. 

The appearance of a Sirian entity can vary greatly. I have met some with a more Nordic appearance similar to the Pleiadians, some with blue skin, dark skin, purple skin, and so forth. While their appearance is widely varied, they typically appear humanoid with elf like features. If you are interested in ascending and connecting with the Divine, this is a wonderful race to work with. 

C is a beautiful being who stands at about 5’11” tall with a slim yet athletic build. She has long thick dark blue hair that goes on for days and huge bright ocean blue eyes that glow brightly. Her skin has a pale blue sheen to it and her ears are pointed like those of an elf. She typically wears long flowing gowns or robes in shades of purple and blue. She is absolutely stunning and looks very similar to the picture she chose! 

C has an amazing energy that is both light and very strong. Her energy is a bit on the cold side. As it swirls around your aura it feels a lot like being in a more relaxing snow storm. It takes form like a mist coursing up and down the body and surrounding you in a very relaxing tranquil feeling. A high vibrational magnetic pull can be felt slightly above the head when she is close. Chakras her energy can be most felt in are from throat to above the crown. If you are extra sensitive you may feel in the minor chakra centers around the head and ears as well. 

C is a Sirian who would make an excellent companion for awakening your consciousness. She can assist in all manners of spiritual and psychic development and she can provide great assistance in cleansing and healing. C is very skilled in wiping away negative energy and replacing with more beneficial, positive energy. She can also help you stay shielded and protected from negative energy attaching to your energy body to begin with. This is something that takes practice and dedication but C can give the guidance, teachings, and assistance needed to stay as clean and clear as possible. 

C has a very sweet, loving, and gentle demeanor. If you often feel overwhelmed or stressed simply sitting with her and talking about what's on your mind could make a world of difference as she can not only be the ear you need but also impart her guidance on how to improve your emotions. C wishes to assist her companion in their spiritual development. Mainly she looks to be a supporter and teacher to you throughout your journey. C can be loving and affectionate but she is not looking for a romantic relationship. She wants to be a guide, cheerleader, friend, and teacher through all the good and bad times that life may bring.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or to spirit. Thank you!