C ~ Male Werewolf

C ~ Male Werewolf

C stands at about 6’1” tall with a lean and super toned muscular build. He has tan skin, a scruffy face, and very big brown eyes. He has dark brown hair that is styled almost exactly like the picture shows. He usually dresses in jeans and a T-shirt or no shirt and is either barefoot or in sandals. He always wears a silver tone dog tag around his neck that is fastened with a black leather cord. His look reminds me of a beach bum and he’s very laid back in style and appearance. In his wolf form he’s a very large wolf with a salt and pepper coat. 

C has a warming and electrical energy. His presence brings a warmth to the air and you may notice zaps and tingles from his energy and touch. He has a medium weight to his energy that can mostly be noticed as a pressure on the shoulders. He is on the darker end of the grey arts spectrum. 

C is a werewolf, he is strongly connected to element of earth and can help you find balance and remain grounded. C can boost your intuition and provide the nudge to go in the right direction. He is a strong protector and can assist in tuning you more into your own energy and become more efficient at working with and directing the flow of your energy body. He is able to boost your bodies healing response and can assist you in inner strength and confidence if you ever find yourself lacking in these areas. 

C is knowledgeable and brimming with self confidence. He is very observant and can help direct you on the right path or course of action to take. He is kind and supportive and can be affectionate, always looking to lift you back up. C is also an excellent motivator if you ever find yourself needing a push to keep your head up and going strong.

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