Channeling Attunement ~

Channeling Attunement ~

Channeling Attunement ~ 

This Attunement can clear any blockages to channeling information and guidance, higher truth from the Higher Beings (Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc.) in the Spiritual Dimensions.

This Flush will wash away anything that blocks one from contact with the Higher Beings through channeling. It will assist one in bringing in the Higher Being(s) and allowing communication with or through one.

This will allow one to access the whole of one’s entire being, the past, present and future self as well as all aspects of it so that one can channel all the wisdom available to the multidimensional self.

Any negative energies, fears or blockages preventing channeling will clear out of the chakras and energy bodies. New Light will enter the whole body showering one with the light surrounding and protecting one from any future unwanted energy preventing one’s flow as a channel.

The energy of this system will keep one safe and protected so that one can more fully experience the Higher Self and Spirit without any judgment. One will merge into one’s Higher Self being greeted with unconditional love and acceptance. The energy will leave one feeling refreshed, balanced and grounded.

Acceptance of the mind as a part of one will come. Ego and sensitivity to emotions of self and or others will be diminished. Imbalances and negativities blocking the flow as a channel will be corrected and purified so that there are no accumulated negativities of the past clinging to one’s systems.

Negativity will be removed and the chakras will be balanced. The flush will sweep the aura so that one begins channeling with joy from the open chakras and energetic power from a balanced system.

Because the flush works on one from the inside out one and the relationships around one will be revitalized. The wounds and hurts from emotional or physical injuries experienced in living life will be cleared so one recovers joy as a steady state of being attracting the highest frequencies possible as a channel. Bad habits are corrected so that one has greater self discipline to practice channeling.

This is a permanent attunement that you can run on your own before doing any type of channeling work. After your attunement you will receive an email with a document that contains information on how to activate your channeling flush whenever you’d like! 

To receive this attunement, you will need to find a quiet place to relax and lie down for at least 45 minutes. This will give the energies the time they need to run through your body. Please leave your name and location/address in the notes at checkout so that I can send you the energies. 

Legally I must state that this is not a medical treatment and is not intended to treat any physical conditions or ailments. Energy work/healing is not a replacement for medical care or a substitution for the care of a doctor.