Custom Western Dragon

Custom Western Dragon

This listing will be for a custom conjure Western Dragon. You may pick a specific type or leave it completely open. 
If you would prefer a shifter you may request that as well, dragon shifters hold the same abilities as their dragon form but come with a more human side which can make them easier to connect to for some people. 

Some options and brief descriptions include:

Red dragons- These types tend to enjoy bringing in prosperity and work a lot with financial goals. They are also very protective over their companions. They can assist bringing in new revenue if you run a small business or help you find more substantial work and climb up the ladder.

Blue dragons- These specialize in glamours and illusions and many are skilled in healing, they also can help awaken many of your psychic abilities and in particular are generally skilled in connecting to your intuition. They are generally very social and enjoy keeping you company going about your day.

Green dragons-These are skilled in elemental magick and make great meditation partners as they come with a calm and peaceful energy that can quiet the mind. They can assist in spiritual growth and provide insight to any goals you may have. They can also help with grounding and working with the chakras as a whole system. 

Black dragons- These are darker in nature than most other common types found. Primarily they make for fierce protectors and will be a strong guardian to have in your family. They are known to dispense justice on your behalf and can break curses cast against you. 

White dragons- These can assist in a multitude of spiritual awakening. They can help purify your mind and body and assist in matters of communication, creativity and divination.

There are many other types including hybrids, if you would like to discuss any options not listed please contact me and we can discuss it. Please allow up to 4 weeks for customs to be completed. You may add in the notes a few traits you are specifically looking for and I will find the best match.

Binding is done at a distance either to you directly or a vessel in your possession. Please provide name and DoB at checkout for binding to be completed as quickly as possible.