Custom Sprays ~ Made with your companions for you!

Custom Sprays ~ Made with your companions for you!

$65 and up! 


This is a listing that I’ve been offering for awhile now to select customers only. I will be making this a permanent listing but because of the time, money, energy, materials, and effort I put into it, I will only offer one at a time. 

Once the previous one has been completed I will mark it as in stock again. 

Here is a brief description of how this process works: You choose 1-3 companions to “meet” with me and discuss what they think you would like in your custom spray. (They could also completely take over and choose things THEY want FOR YOU lol!). 

They will share visions/images/scents/etc with me and I will interpret my findings and check back with you to make sure I’m on the right track. They choose the scents, crystals, colors, express the ways they’d describe you, and show me how they feel about you. 

I sort this information out and create a OOAK scent and crystal mix based on their suggestions. It’s a really fun way to see yourself the way that they see you! 

Or it could be them pushing all of their desires and likes onto you! It’s hard to say but it’s usually a nice mix of both of these. I’ve learned that female companions are sometimes very pushy and want their human male companion to smell like them or what they like. This is always fun! 

This can get kind of expensive based on what your spirit/entity companions suggest for you. This can be because they choose rare oils or because they insist on a large variety of gemstones. 

If you’d like to keep it around the $65 mark, please let your companions know not to go overboard with their requests lol. If you have a set budget, please email or DM me because it’s good to know what is too much before they go nuts. 

This service also includes a fee for me to consult with *up to three* of your companions and discuss this along with the time to go back and forth with you every step of the way to make sure you’re happy with everything. 

If you’d like to appoint one companion as the one who consults with your others and then communicates with me on their behalf that works very well too! 

I’ve also found that there’s usually an “alpha” or “bossy” companion in each family who is typically the one who will pop up the most with me and have the most opinions. 

Just please be aware that I follow their lead. I let them get creative. I zone out completely while creating this spray and allow them to lead me. They even choose the name of your scent.  

You can request one enchantment to go on your spray as well. If you’d like to add more, there will be an additional fee. This service can take 2-3 weeks for me to complete based on my schedule, your companions requests, the need to order more supplies, etc.

Again, you will be kept in the loop the whole time and shown photos as we go! It could be only 1-2 weeks, but it is so hard to say so please allow up to 3 weeks for completion. 

Please note that there are no refunds on custom work! The $65 will be required up front before I begin. If the ingredients selected go over this amount, I will discuss it with you before moving forward. 

Any additional fees will be required before I perform any spell work or ship your spray. 

What is included?: 
•4 ounce glass spray bottle in your choice of color - clear, frosted glass, or cobalt blue. (Or your companions choice!) 
•Selected charms and/or wire wrapped crystals on the outside of the bottle (This is always your companions choice!) 
•A custom name for your custom scent & label (always from your companion). 
•100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, pure spring water, full moon water, and organic witch hazel. •A variety of crystals ranging from crystal points, tumbled stones, and tiny gemstones. 

Each bottle always includes clear quartz points. Note: Your information will be saved and only used for you. If you’d like to order a refill of your spray we can easily do that for a much smaller fee since I can send you a plastic bottle of the oil blend and you can transfer it to your glass spray bottle with the crystals inside!