Custom Winter Elf

Custom Winter Elf

This listing allows you to be connected with someone special that is conjured just for you!

You can choose from the drop down menu below the desired sex and rank and you can use the notes section to request up to 6 traits you are looking for. For example: “mentor, astral guide, magick, healer, affectionate, funny”. 

Please do not request a long list of abilities as these are living entities and not created beings! Each individual has their own strengths but no single entity embodies every strength you may desire. This is why having multiple companions is beneficial. 

If you would like to request more than 6 traits or abilities please speak with me first as there will be an additional fee if I am able to assist you. 

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your order to be completed. There are no refunds for any conjure work. Please respect the entity and their feelings and accept who comes forward for you. Thank you! 

The Winter Elves come from the same realm as the Frost Fae. It is like a winter wonderland! Everything is covered in bright white snow and sparkling ice. The snow here is very cold to us humans, but those who reside in this realm do not mind the cold temperatures. The snowflakes that fall are exceptionally beautiful and are perfect in every way. There are frozen lakes and rivers perfect for ice skating. There are tall mountains perfect for skiing and sledding. The trees are all bare and look hauntingly beautiful in this winter wonderland. It is a bustling place filled with various attractions and beautiful structures that appear to be made from ice.