D ~ Crow Shifter Sorceress

D ~ Crow Shifter Sorceress

D is a stunning beauty. She stands at about 5’8” tall with pale purple skin, long straight white hair, and large dark purple eyes that are almost black they are so dark. She tends to dress in all black and favors beautiful gowns and long flowing dresses. She wears a very large crystal necklace that resembles earthen amethyst and it glows with an inner power. I have never seen her take this off. She says that she will discuss its importance with her human companion when the time comes. 

D has a dark and heavy energy that brings a lot of activity to the third eye region. Her presence is very warm and can be felt as a strong weight against the body. She has a very magickal feel to her energy as well which may be noticed as a lot of static around the hair (particularly back of the neck and top of the head). She is dark arts and is on the medium end of the dark arts spectrum. 

D is a Crow Shifter and a highly skilled Sorceress. She works more with dark magick and is a Master of working with the elements. She can add elemental fuel to practically any working, choosing which is most appropriate for your intention. She is quite skilled at enchanting and can lend a hand enchanting crystals, jewelry or nearly anything you can think of that you may wish to enchant. 

As a crow shifter, she can gather information that may otherwise be hard to obtain. Feel free to ask for her help if you need to find out more information about someone. D can also assist in helping you gain your own power for your magickal practice as well as find new creativity and inspiration to compliment and enhance your craft. 

D is a charming and sophisticated lady. She is considered one of the most powerful sorceress in her realm. She does not mind being a teacher but takes what she does very seriously and would expect her teachings to be taken seriously as well, though she is not without patience. So long as you are applying yourself, she will be happy. She is an open book of knowledge and would be glad to share what she knows with her companion to reach new heights in your development.