D ~ High Elf

D ~ High Elf

High Elves are exceptional beings who carry great wisdom and are highly magickal. They are human sized elves who are graceful and noble. High elves can assist you in many areas including magick, psychic abilities, dream work, astral travel, connecting with nature, positivity, anxiety, growth, wisdom, achieving goals, herbalism, and healing. 

D stands at about 6’1” tall and has a long and lean body type. He has long blonde hair and wears a delicate headpiece inlaid with pale blue and clear crystals. The pale blue crystals resemble our earthen aquamarine. These crystals match his eyes perfectly as they are a cool pale blue shade with a silver ‘sun’ around each pupil. He has perfectly smooth skin and a chiseled jaw line. His ears are pointed like others of his kind and he usually wears delicate jewelry on each ear that wraps around the sides and tops of his ears. He usually has a slight smirk on his face as if he’s about to get into mischief. He can be found wearing exquisite clothing in shades of white, gold, blue, and silver. He certainly has a refined heir about himself and is very confident. 

D’s energy is on the lighter side but it definitely holds some earthy weight to it. His presence can be very grounding. He has a very magickal feel to him and you may see his energy manifest as an electric blue flashing orb. D’s presence is a bit warm but not overly so. Warmth surrounding the solar plexus is typical of his energy, however you may feel it move up and down the rest of your energy centers to an extent as well. 

D is a high elf who is very connected to the earth and absolutely loves being in nature in his realm and in ours. He adores animals of all kinds and anything connected to the outdoors such as plants and flowers. He is very experienced working with the element of earth, healing magick, rejuvenation, and grounding. Any area which calls on the earth element he would be of great assistance in. Due to his connection to the earth he would be an excellent companion to help you remain grounded, or if you struggle with grounding he can definitely assist with this. D can also help you tap into your psychic abilities and become more in tune with your intuition.

D is kind, loyal, talkative, and free spirited. He would enjoy any activity that involves the outdoors with you. If you have any household plants or a garden he would love that. He would also love if you have any pets at home as he is very much in love with animals of all kinds. He's more than happy to join you throughout the day and chat or listen to how things are going. He is the type to be very supportive and can be very affectionate at times. He would love to have someone to cuddle up with each day. Whether doing work together, or just going about your day with him and showing him new things, D would like to be a big part of his companions life.

This listing will be done via distance bind only! Please let me know if you’d like to do vessel or spirit bind and please send me a photo of a clean vessel if you choose vessel binding! Thank you!