E ~ Cerah Fae

E ~ Cerah Fae

The Cerah Fae are dual natured and will work with both light and dark magick. They are predominantly nocturnal in activity and have a unique ability to enter dreams with ease. They are highly influential and have a strong sense for justice. They make for a strong protective and loyal companion as well as an ideal companion for dream and astral work. They can also help you tap into your psychic abilities more effectively. Some may desire a romantic relationship and can be sexual in nature so please let me know if this is something you are not open to and I will find one that is happy to just be a friend.

E is so cute! She is human size and stands at about 5’2” tall with a petite yet curvy build. Her skin is a medium tone with peachy pink undertones and she has long straight platinum blonde hair and large icy blue eyes. Her ears are pointed like those of an elf and her wings are medium size and sheer with a shimmering blue iridescence. She enjoys wearing sheer clothing that is rather revealing yet still very beautiful and luxurious. It is very similar to the picture she chose to represent her. She can usually be seen wearing flowers and other items from nature twisted into accessories but also wears a fair amount of beautiful jewelry made from crystals and stones. You may notice shimmering blue lights around when she is near. She flutters around rather quickly so it might just be a quick flash out of the corner of your eye, but you will know that this is her manifesting in our realm. 

E has a breezy and cool energy that moves and washes around you quickly. It feels mostly airy and watery, she has a strong stimulation to the third eye region and causes a lot of ear fluttering. She has a very high vibration for her kind. 

E is a Cerah Fae. She excels in psychic development and can help awaken your sight and hearing over time. E is skilled in astral and dream work, she would make a strong astral guide, can assist in dream recall, and be a wonderful teacher in dream magick. She is proficient in fae magick both light and dark. E will offer her human companion protection and can help shield you from negative entities as well as utilize offensive magick to run them off. 

E is headstrong, she knows what she wants and will set her sights on it to get it. She is loyal and protective of those she considers friends and family. She is looking to be a close part of your life, she has a playful side and can be flirtatious and quite sexual. She does not outright require such a relationship but she does have a way of influencing to get what she wants, though she will not force anything.