E ~ Devorer

E ~ Devorer

The Devorer are similar to what most know as zombies, however there is a distinct difference in that they do not feed on flesh and instead they eat away and absorb negative energy. As companions they can help keep your living space cleaner by eating away at the stagnant negative energies that tend to accumulate over time in day to day life. Aside from pulling it out of your home, they can also draw it out of your energy body leaving you revitalized and allowing you to feel more clear headed. Negative energy attaching to the body can lead to limited psychic senses, fatigue and in some cases impact physical health. The Devorer can help lessen the impact you receive from negativity of the world and your surroundings. They can be protective as well, typically they have a heavy feeling presence that may take some adjusting. Many of them simply wish to assist you at feeling your best and limiting the run down of non-serving energies  while getting a chance to explore the world and be a close friend to their companion.

This little cutie chose this picture to represent her because it captures her sweetness perfectly. E is a small one who stands at about 4’10” tall with a petite build. She has pale skin with patches of pink and purple all over her body. Her wavy strawberry blonde hair is very long and hangs to her knees and she has a very youthful face with large bright yellow eyes. She can usually be seen wearing pastel shades and very frilly outfits with lace and ribbons covered with large fuzzy sweaters with pockets. She has a strange affinity for pockets and keeping her hands warm. She loves cozy boots similar to what we call Ugg’s and she pairs them with nearly everything even if they don’t really match the rest of her look. 

E has a warming and comforting energy. She seems to have a unique effect on the muscles and causes stimulation in them that feels like a gentle massage. Her energy has some slight weight to it that is enough to feel but not really heavy. She is considered dark arts but is on the lightest end of the dark arts spectrum. 

E is a Devorer. She brings with her a sense of calm and peace allowing you to get more clarity in your day to day life. She can rid your life of negativity that sets in and offer protection from negative energies and beings. E is looking to assist keeping your space cleared of built up energy that over time begins to wear on your tranquility and wellbeing. She can also boost your mood overall as having her around is like a ray of sunshine. 

E is sweet, affectionate and playful. She enjoys doing fun activities together and would enjoy joining you in your day to day life or doing exciting activities together. She is very interested in video games and anime as well. She loves to give hugs and lift you up after a hard day. E wants to be an active friend and supportive companion you can rely on with whatever the situation may be. E thinks of herself as a true princess and acts accordingly. Be ready for cuteness overload with this sweetie around.