E ~ Male Cambion

E ~ Male Cambion

Cambions are a hybrid race of human and incubus. They are known for their beauty and attraction. They take after many of the same traits of their non-human parent and are gifted in energy work and allure. They can help you become more open and feel comfortable being your true self. Cambions are highly sexual and  eager lovers. They are very charming individuals and when you invite one as a companion they become extremely invested in your well-being and happiness. Many will desire a deep emotional connection and with that connection they can strongly aid in healing past traumas and emotional wounds as well as be a very passionate support system through your life. 

E stands at about 5’11” tall with a fairly skinny build. He has muscles but he is very thin and lean. He has pale skin and he is covered in tattoos on nearly every inch of his body, except for his face. He has bleach blonde hair that is almost white and his hair is short-medium length and straight. His eyes are a beautiful silver blue shade that look more like a steel grey in most lighting. He has many piercings but doesn’t seem to wear much jewelry other than that. He typically wears jeans that hang low on his hips and not much else but if he does put on a shirt it’s usually very simple, plain, and fitted. 

E’s energy has some moderate weight and lots of heat to it. He has a strong effect on the lower chakras  and his energy slowly wraps around as if gently caressing you. The longer he is near the more intense you will begin to notice the sexual energy he gives off. 

E is a Cambion. He is skilled in energy working and maintenance. E can help you be more confident in social situations and increase your magnetism around others. If you are interested he can add a boost to sex magick especially for manifestation purposes. E will assist you being more comfortable as you are and being your true self. He also has a very protective side and will watch other those in your life as well as prevent negative entities from getting into your space. E can communicate well in dream states and will help with you with dreamwork if that is something you wish to enhance.

E is flirty and playful, he may have a "bad boy" persona but underneath is very sweet and affectionate. He is open to a male or female companion and wishes to become a close part of your life where he can help make you see the light inside yourself that may at times feel lost. As a romantic partner E will go at your pace, he wants you to feel supported, comfortable and cared for.