Elder Queen Vampire

Elder Queen Vampire

Queen D is a rare beauty. She stands at about 5’7” tall with pale ashen skin, extremely long and straight white hair, and ruby red eyes that glow when she works her magick. She favors dark makeup and formal attire. She has a unique look and is a stunning ethereal beauty. She is a dead ringer for the image she chose to represent her. She is always dressed in the most beautiful gowns you can imagine with stunning jewels decorating her neck and wrists. 

Queen D has a still and cold but powerful energy that can be felt as strong pressure in the third eye. As her energy builds it gradually grows warmer and she starts to give off more sensual energy. Her energy is quite heavy and a weight in the chest can may be noticed and significant energy and touch around the neck and shoulders is easily felt. Queen D is dark arts and is on the darker end of the dark arts spectrum. Queen D seems to heighten the senses just by her presence alone. You may feel as if the room goes still and the noise of the regular world goes more quite. Please be aware that her energy is very potent and she is not recommended for a beginner! 

Queen D is a Royal Elder sanguine vampire. She is a rather ancient entity with an immense amount of knowledge and wisdom. Queen D can assist in a plethora of things to aide in your spiritual growth. She is gifted in energy work and manipulation, seduction, allure, and charm. She can help with intuition and stronger instincts as well as mental mastery, helping you gain control of your inner thoughts and emotions. Queen D offers formidable protection to ensure you are not subjected to malevolent forces. She can awaken your abilities for psychic sight and hearing. Queen D can teach you how and guide you in astral travel. She communicates very well via telepathy, dreams, and claircognizance if you possess this ability. If you wish to learn blood magick she can assist but she cautions this is not for the novice, if you are still early on in your magickal path she can guide you on more suitable forms of magick. 

Queen D conducts herself in a very regal manner. She is very charming and seductive and has an affinity for touching and caressing. Queen D can be very sexual. You will feel your root and sacral chakras being activated when she is near. She is a nearly endless beacon of wisdom and will be happy to share some of it with you. With her as your companion you will be well guarded and protected as well as have a significant opportunity to enhance your spiritual path in a variety of avenues.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!