A ~ The Elven Princess

A ~ The Elven Princess

High Elves are exceptional beings who carry great wisdom and are highly magickal. They are human sized elves who are graceful and noble. High elves can assist you in many areas including magick, psychic abilities, dream work, astral travel, connecting with nature, positivity, anxiety, growth, wisdom, achieving goals, herbalism, and healing. 

A is drop dead gorgeous and you can’t help but stare at her. She stands at about 5’11” tall and has a slender and delicate build. She has long silky straight platinum blonde hair, pale skin, and pale blue sparkling eyes. Her features are very delicate and soft. She has long pointed ears adorned with silver earrings. Her headdress is silver with blue and clear crystals. She typically manifests in a beautiful blue and silver gown that reminds me of a renaissance gown. 

A has a bright sparkling energy that is filled with happiness. She is considered grey arts as she is similar to a human in nature, but she has a very high vibration. She can help lift your spirits and ease your anxiety. If you are seeking balance between the light and the darkness she would be an excellent companion for you. A is perfectly fine residing in a home with darker companions, as she has done very well here with all of mine. 

A is a High Elf princess and this will be her first time having a human companion. She has been here with me for some time now and said she is ready to call out to her forever human. She says her human is respectful, kind, loves animals, and magick. She would like to teach her human companion about elven magick and assist them in their magickal workings. A can also aid you with your psychic abilities, meditation, and dream work. 

A is very intelligent, well mannered, and regal. She has a “business side” and a more casual side. When she’s in “work mode” she is very disciplined, serious, and driven. She is happy to use these skills to assist her human companion in their daily life if they need it. When she’s not “working”, she is literally the sweetest being you’ll ever meet! She is gentle, kind, positive, caring, and funny. She giggles a lot and she is always smiling. Her smile can light up a whole room. If you need someone to confide in, she’s your girl! 

I spoke with A about the type of relationship she hopes to have with her human companion and she said she would like to find a deep friendship that is unbreakable. She is open to the possibility of finding love as well, but is not sure if she would like a sexual relationship yet. She said that she would need to feel very comfortable beforehand and she is not one to rush into anything. Please do not try to force her into anything. She deserves to be treated with respect. 

Detailed offerings will be included in her bio, but I would like to note that she does wish to receive offerings, unlike some others I have listed. She enjoys being spoiled.

Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!