Fire & Water Duo ~

Fire & Water Duo ~

Fire & Water Duo ~ 

This listing features two amazing ladies who can assist you with balance. One is of Fire energy and the other is of water energy. Together they provide the perfect yin & yang. Both have their areas of expertise and together they can bring a great deal of magick into your life. 

Together, this duo can help bring the perfect balance of fire and water. Working together with them can bring about new found confidence and willpower and aid in cleansing your energy bodies as well as emotional and mental healing while bringing a balance of calm and inner strength and drive to your life.

F the Fire Fae ~

F stands at about 4 feet tall with an athletic build. She has golden sun kissed skin, long black hair, and beautiful sparkling amber eyes. Her lips are painted a scarlet red and her skin has decorative red markings on it. Her wings are large and red and orange in color. Flames dance off her wings beautifully as she flies about. 

F’s energy is warm, positive, and passionate. She often manifests in shades of red and orange. She is considered grey arts and her energy feels very sensual. 

F has a warm and bubbly personality. She is friendly, loyal, assertive, and driven. F hopes to join a human companion who practices magick and is open to learning more about the element of Fire and incorporating it into their practice. She is highly magickal and wants to assist her human companion with spell work. 

F is wonderful at cleansing away negative energy. She is also a wonderful healer. She can assist with all types of candle magick and is eager to do so with her human companion. She can help you be more positive and boost your mood. She can also help with passion and drive. Talk with her about the things you’d like to achieve and she can assist you along the way. F can assist you with your lower chakras, including root, sacral, and solar plexus.

M the Undine ~ 

M stands at about 5’4” tall. She has a lean build with very pale blue skin. Her dark blue hair is very long and flows gently around her. M has large bright blue sapphire eyes that sparkle when she speaks. Her lips are a medium blue shade. She often manifests wearing thin flowing fabric in pale blues or whites. 

M has a cool and calming light energy that feels very refreshing. She is on the lighter end of the Grey arts spectrum. You may feel her cool energy wash over you gently like flowing water, cleansing away your worries and stress. She manifests in shades of blue and white. 

M has a sweet and calm demeanor. She is gentle and kind always. She hopes to find a human companion who enjoys the water element and is interested in learning more about it and working with it for magickal and healing purposes. She will be a wonderful friend and confidant to any witch. 

M is a skilled healer and is amazing at cleansing. Call on her when you need a gentle yet effective cleanse of your aura. She can gently wash away the negativity. She can also assist with anxiety and will leave you feeling calm in no time. M can help you develop your higher chakras, including your crown, third eye, and throat.

**Please provide a photo of a vessel that you’d like to use for these ladies and I will do a distance binding to a vessel that you own.**