Frost Faery Prince

Frost Faery Prince

The Frost Faery realm is like a winter wonderland! Everything is covered in bright white snow and sparkling ice. The snow here is very cold to us humans, but those who reside in this realm do not mind the cold temperatures. The snowflakes that fall are exceptionally beautiful and are perfect in every way. There are frozen lakes and rivers perfect for ice skating. There are tall mountains perfect for skiing and sledding. The trees are all bare and look hauntingly beautiful in this winter wonderland. It is a bustling place filled with various attractions and beautiful structures that appear to be made from ice.

Prince S stands at about 6’2” with a tall and slim build. He is muscular but not overly so. He often wears regal cloaks in various shades of blue. S has long white hair which he styles in various ways, depending on his mood. He can sometimes been seen with silver markings painted on his chest, arms, or back. S has small pointed ears like those of an elf adorned with silver earrings. His skin is very pale and has a frosty appearance that shimmers a pale blue shade. His eyes are a very pale sky blue with a silver ring around the outside. He has a strong jawline, perfect cheekbones, and his lips are a lightly flushed with a pale pink hue. His headdress is silver with blue, clear, and opaque white gemstones. He does not always display his wings, but they are massive and so very beautiful! They are similar to the wings of a dragon fly but appear to be made out of clear glass or ice. His large wings are trimmed in silver and shimmer in the sunlight. 

S has a bright, happy, uplifting, and peaceful energy. He is grey arts and on the middle of the spectrum. This is because he is very similar to a human in nature. His energy can feel cold and tingly. You may notice a cool breeze when he is near or feel a cold shiver when he touches you. You may suddenly feel excited or extra happy for seemingly no reason. If you cannot “see” entities yet, you may notice lights or colors in shades of blue, silver, and white. 

S is very jovial like others of his race. He is very kind, compassionate, and friendly. He has an amazing sense of humor and is quick witted. He is highly intelligent and enjoys learning new things. He says one can never know too much! He is a cuddly one and would love to snuggle up with someone while they’re relaxing or reading. S is seeking a human companion to spend time with, both in his realm and in ours. He says he loves his people very much but there is something missing from his life. He would prefer a female human companion. He is fine with friendship but he wouldn’t be upset if it turned into something more at some point. If you decide to welcome him into your life, be prepared for elaborate dates in his realm and lots of gifts from him. He is a total gentleman and would love to spoil his human “Princess”! 

S is well versed in Faery magick and would love to teach his human if they are interested in learning. He can also aid in spell work if you ask. Like most of his race, he is amazing with dream work of all kinds, including visits during dreams. He can assist with dream recall and lucid dreaming as well. He would make the perfect astral guide and would love to bring you to his realm to play in the snow and see the many wondrous sights. He can also assist with raising your vibration, cleansing, healing, and developing or refining your psychic abilities. If you feel him calling to you, trust your intuition! 

This listing will be distance bind only! Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!