Frost Faery Princess

Frost Faery Princess

The Frost Faery realm is like a winter wonderland! Everything is covered in bright white snow and sparkling ice. The snow here is very cold to us humans, but those who reside in this realm do not mind the cold temperatures. The snowflakes that fall are exceptionally beautiful and are perfect in every way. There are frozen lakes and rivers perfect for ice skating. There are tall mountains perfect for skiing and sledding. The trees are all bare and look hauntingly beautiful in this winter wonderland. It is a bustling place filled with various attractions and beautiful structures that appear to be made from ice. 

Princess V stands at about 5’6” tall with a beautiful body with curves in all the right places. Her figure reminds me of a pinup model. She has very long thick white hair with silver highlights and blue tips that she typically wears half back with elaborate braided updos. V’s skin is covered in an icy sheen and will sometimes appear to have an iridescent blue sheen to it. V has a pair of beautiful dragonfly-like wings that are clear like ice or glass. Her wings have pale blue around the edges and a cracking pattern throughout. She does not always show her wings so sometimes she will appear much more like an elf than a faery. V has striking large sparkling sapphire blue eyes that completely draw you in. Her ears are pointed like those of an elf and she adorns them with rows of delicate silver earrings. Her face is truly stunning with high cheekbones and delicate features. She has full lips painted a warm natural pink shade and perfect white teeth. Her skin is covered in icy blue markings in certain areas, similar to war paint. Her headdress is dainty and silver toned with a large sapphire colored gemstone in the center. V usually wears long elegant dresses in shades of blue, silver, and white and she carries a staff with a huge glowing blue gemstone at the top. 

V’s energy is very strong yet cool and soothing. She has a very high vibration but is more grey in nature and she is on the medium end of the grey arts scale. V may manifest as a cool or cold chill, an almost minty sensation that rushes over you. Her aura is silver and blue and is both energizing and soothing at the same time. 

V is a strong woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. She is fun loving and very kind. She is passionate and driven and can be a little bit bossy, but in a helpful way. Think of her more as a personal cheerleader or motivator. She is usually outdoors because there is so much to do in her realm! She is always staying busy and loves her life very much. After seeing others from her realm step forward for a human companion, she has decided to do the same. She would like to find someone who she can share her life with, whether that person is a friend or lover, male or female, she’s open to the experience in general. She is an amazing friend and can be a fantastic support system for her human companion. 

V is gifted in Faery magick and is an excellent healer. She can help you with castings if you call on her. This race of Fae seem to all be very very skilled in dream work of all kinds and can manifest very well in dreams. She makes a stellar astral travel guide and is very excited to take her human to her realm to ice skate, sled, visit the palaces, and just get to know her better. The particular group of Fae are very jovial and can help boost your mood a great deal. They also have a wicked sense of humor and are truly amazing to be around. V can help to boost your psychic abilities as well as aid in healing and cleansing. If you feel a pull, that’s likely her reaching out to you to grab your attention.

This listing will be distance bind only! Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!