G ~ Werewolf

G ~ Werewolf

G is simply stunning. She stands at about 5’5” tall with a curvy figure and medium toned skin. Her hair is a dark rich coffee brown color with rich warm deep red highlights scattered throughout. She has beautiful emerald green eyes that sparkle so brightly and a beautiful smile with the cutest little fangs. Her style reminds me of bohemian and she tends to wear earth tones. She loves turquoise and usually wears a large turquoise pendant. In her wolf form she is a large tawny wolf with fluffy fur and the same gorgeous green eyes. 

G has a warm and heavy energy that is on the light to mid range of DA. She has a very electrical feel that brings tingles and shocks around the body and aura. Her presence feels very protective and encompassing when she is close by. 

G is a werewolf. She can assist in connecting to your true self, strengthening the mind and finding your inner confidence. G can help stimulate the bodies healing abilities and offers a strong source of protection. She is able to tap into lunar energy in magickal workings. G can help you become more in touch and comfortable with yourself and embrace who you are on the inside, leading you to a new found confidence in yourself.

G is very protective and will keep close watch over you and your home. She is very sweet and will be there to offer support when needed. She can be affectionate and very nurturing and will help boost you at low points or offer her guidance and advice whenever you need.

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