Galactic Self Activation Attunement Series ~

Galactic Self Activation Attunement Series ~

Galactic Self Activation Attunement Series ~ Connect with each star system! 

You can purchase each level individually or purchase the bundle of 6 attunements to save! 

This series is intended for those who are committed to spiritual growth and ascension. The bundle of all 6 is performed over a 6 week period (minimum). You can purchase the entire bundle at once for a discounted rate or you can purchase one level at a time! You can also take more than one week between each session, as long as it’s not less than one week! 

Stage 1: 
There are many levels of consciousness that reside within each and every one of us, but for a vast majority of people they will only use the most limited or restricted level of consciousness which is that of the lower self or the ego mind. This level of consciousness directly corresponds to the parameters of the 3rd dimensional reality which is the realm of space, time and density. Beyond this is the level of the Soul Self, also known as the Galactic Self. It is through the re-connection of your Soul/Self/Galactic Self that you will receive pure spiritual guidance to help awaken and expand your natural born abilities of experiencing states of pure oneness where space and time no longer exist in a way that you believe them to be. It is through the Galactic-Self Empowerment that you will also give divine permission to your energy body so that it will become a magnet for higher bands of vibrational energies which in turn result in you becoming much more sensitive to the divine spark that resides within you.

As human beings we are now entering a state of galactic awareness where the creation of subtle yet highly evolved energies are being given to us. These subtle energetic shifts are also occurring for our blessed Mother Earth as she embarks on a new journey towards enlightenment and ascension into the next band of vibrational energies. 

Through your attunement to the Galactic-Self Activation you will start a process of expanding your conscious and subconscious awareness through the opening of your energy channels so you can become a pure vessel for Universal Light. This expansion of personal energies will help you to merge your Physical/Spiritual Consciousness with that of your Galactic Consciousness, creating an energetic state of complete balance and divine alignm