Gentle Rainbow Rose Chakra Healing Session ~

Gentle Rainbow Rose Chakra Healing Session ~

The Rainbow Rose Chakra Healing service is a very powerful yet gentle and soft energy system. 

The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit language. It means “Wheel of Light”, and that is also what a chakra is. A turning wheel of energy. They are just as important to pay good attention to as healthy food and life. Energy organs, which is were the chakra’s belong to, are between the physical and spiritual reality. 

The Kundalini energy flows trough the chakra’s high up and acitvates them one by one. Due to that, also blocks and hidden feelings will show. Negative energy will be released and taken away from you. They are also called energy transformers. The chakra’s are very important, due they create a connection between the physical and spiritual parts of us.

You need to take care of your chakra’s as good as you take care of all of your other organs in your body. 

This is a service provided for you and will typically take me about 60-90 minutes to complete. We need to schedule a time that’s convenient for the both of us where you can relax during the session. 

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