God/Goddess Connection Ritual Service ~

God/Goddess Connection Ritual Service ~ 
This is a brand new offering from Whimsical Wonders! This is a service that I perform for you to help you to establish or to solidify your connection with a deity of your choosing with their permission. Once this is complete, you and the deity will have a stronger connection and communication will be much easier. You DO have to put in the work on your part to ensure that you continue to strengthen your bond with said deity. This service is somewhat similar to a god or goddess “portal”. 
This service can be performed with the God or Goddess of your choice (again only if they agree to it) or you can leave it up to fate and it can be performed with the deity that comes forward for you the strongest. I will need to verify that you are comfortable working with the deity and that the deity is comfortable working with you before we can proceed. 
The reason I am not calling this service a “portal” is because it’s not something that should be taken lightly. It’s not a “pact” or “contract”, but it IS a commitment to work with the deity and I do not want people doing this if they are not ready to do so.
I would like to address something that will likely be asked: Even if your communication abilities are not the best at this point in time, that does not mean that this service will not work or that you will not be connected with the deity! If you know your senses need work then I would urge you to put in the work to strengthen your abilities. In the mean time, they can still hear you and they can also help you a great deal! You have to be open to the process and trust in yourself and the deity. Please only purchase this listing if you are willing to commit to working with the deity. 
This service includes:
* Confirmation that the deity does wish to work with you. 
* A ritual performed on your behalf with offerings. You will be provided with a list of items used in the ritual. 
* A brief description of a few things they would like to work with you on. (If you’d like to know more information you can purchase a reading and we can get more in depth!) 
* Any messages they may want to share with you at this time. 
* A list of offerings they would like and some basic methods of connecting with them. 
This service will be performed especially for you and I will typically spend at least 2-3 hours in total working on each connection. Please allow between 7-21 business days for your order to be completed. Thank you!

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