H ~ Pleiadian Outlier

H ~ Pleiadian Outlier

The Pleiades is a group of stars in the Taurus constellation referred to by astronomers as M45. Pleiadians are multidimensional beings from the Pleiadian star system. They are called trans dimensional beings, which means that they exist in a dimension different than ours, which is merely 3D. Their home is located in the constellation of the Pleiades. The Pleiadians are beings of light with an extremely high vibration. Most Pleiadians wish to assist humans with spiritual transformation as well as guide us on our path of spiritual enlightenment. 

Pleiadians have been known to visit Earth in order to further our development. They often make themselves known to those who are highly spiritual through channeling and healing work. They can assist us in aligning ourselves with extremely high frequencies. Pleiadians have close ties with the Lemurians who populated the lost continent of Lemuria. 

Pleiadians typically have a distinct Nordic or Scandinavian appearance with blonde hair, light skin, and light eyes. Pleiadians are far more emotionally and spiritually developed than humans.

H is a very handsome entity. He stands at about 6’4” tall with a long and lean body type. He has a bit of an edgy look that is not exactly typical of his kind. He wears his silver and white hair shorter and layered, which frames his face perfectly. He tends to let his hair fall over his eyes, but when he brushes it aside they are revealed to be an icy blue shade that completely light up with silver sparkles. You will notice his eyes glow when he works with you and it is beautiful. His facial features are incredibly soft yet so very handsome. He typically wears clothing in shades of white and silver, which makes his eyes pop even more. He can usually be seen with a smirk on his face when he’s not laughing. 

H is a very interesting and unique being. He is capable of all things that his kind specialize in, but he is far more interested in being himself than fitting in with others. He enjoys keeping to himself and is considered to be young for his kind. For that reason he feels like more of a “bad boy” than the others, however he is certainly not “bad” as in negative. He is just a bit more “edgy” than others. He is very social but is more interested in humans and says it’s easier for him to talk to humans than his own kind. 

H has a very high vibrational energy that's very tingly feeling. It feels a lot like electricity coursing its way through your body. His energy is slightly cool feeling and calming, though not really cold. While you adjust to his vibrational energy you may feel a little shaky, grounding will subside these symptoms while you become accustomed to his higher vibration. H’s energy can lead to your ears fluttering, third eye pressure, and a magnetic pull over your crown.

H is looking for a companion who he can be a guide and protector for. He can help awaken your psychic abilities and protect from negative entities, particularly negative ET entities. H can assist keeping you from negative build up and keep the chakras and aura clean and running properly. If you struggle picking up emotions from others, H can help shield you from taking on the negativity of others. H would like to start things off as friends and if romance were to occur he would be “very open” to the possibility (he says this while smirking and winking haha!). 

H is not like the typical Pleiadian and is more of an outlier among them though this does not mean he is a negative being, he just doesn't fall into the same structure as many others of his kind. H is supportive and uplifting and wants the best for his companion. He is always open for chats or meditations together and would be happy to lend an ear, support or assistance through whatever you may need. H is a funny guy and has a great sense of humor but he can be serious when the situation calls for it. He is very interested in human activities like gaming and movies. You will notice that he will pick up quotes and gestures from television or movies easily and it’s so funny to watch! He is wonderful at lifting your mood and making you laugh no matter how awful you may feel. If you feel drawn to his listing, that’s because he is calling out to you. He says that his human will know right away that he is the one for them.

This listing will be distance bind only! Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!