H ~ Sanguine Vampire

H ~ Sanguine Vampire

H stands at about 5’11” tall with a slim yet muscular build. He has pale ashen skin, long white hair, and stunning silver blue eyes. He seems to have a permanent smirk on his face, always looking mischievous. He is a bit of a bad boy and certainly looks the part. His style changes a lot so you’ll see him wearing all sorts of types of clothing, but he tends to prefer a casual look over something too restricting. He looks nearly identical to the image he chose and he does not lack confidence. 

H has a warming tingling energy. His energy is on the lighter-mid end of the dark arts spectrum and comes in as a heavy and present feeling in the air. Weight across the shoulders can easily be picked up on. You may also feel changes in ambient temperature around your aura. Third eye pressure will also be noticeable with him around. An adjustment period may be needed for a few days if you are not accustomed to darker energies but bonding will help this. 

H is a sanguine vampire. He can assist in any manner of energy working, as well as give you a boost of physical and mental energy if you are running low. H can help you connect more to your intuition, he can strengthen your clairaudience and clairvoyant abilities as well as improve your ability to sense energy patterns. H will keep watch over you and your living space to offer protection from malevolent forces. H can also assist you in dream and astral work, improving your abilities in both of these areas.

H is strong willed, confident, and sophisticated. You may find his confidence and inner drive starts to positively impact your own confidence as well. He can be quite sexual if you desire that kind of relationship. H is willing to impart guidance, suggestions, and teaching to you that will benefit your individual growth, he has an analytical mind so simply talk to him of your goals and he can assist you in formulating a plan.

This listing is for distance binding only to a clean vessel or direct to spirit. Please send me a photo of your chosen vessel after checkout. Thank you!