High Vibes Crystal Kit ~ Deluxe

High Vibes Crystal Kit ~ Deluxe

High Vibes Crystal Kit ~ Deluxe 

What’s Included?

* Moldavite 
* Herkimer Diamond
* Black Tourmaline 
* Prehnite 
* Selenite Charging Slab 
* Tibetan Enhydro Quartz 
* Rainbow Bismuth
* Drawstring Bag 

Moldavite ~
Dark green moldavite measures approximately 1” wide. 

Herkimer Diamond ~
Herkimer with small carbon inclusions and twinning. Measures approximately 3/4” long. 

Tibetan Enhydro ~
Approximately 1.5” long. Stunning rainbows, lots of sparkle, very clear, small moving bubble, two water chambers, carbon particles. Weighs approximately 19.85 grams. 

Selenite Charging Slab ~
Approximately 8” long and 2” wide. 

**See photos for additional crystal size/measurements!**

Selenite holds a very high vibration which is what imbues this crystal with some of its more potent clearing and Spirit-connecting energies. Its ability to effortlessly connect you to higher planes, while dispelling and protecting you from negative energies, is just some of what makes Selenite such a beloved and dynamic tool.

Black Tourmaline is a protective stone which repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack. It’s my favorite grounding stone! Black Tourmaline also aids in the removal of negative energies within a person or a space. Black Tourmaline will cleanse, purify, and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration.

Prehnite properties help to balance the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. Green prehnite is the ideal stone to bring with you on a retreat, workshop or energy healing session where you’ll be required to practice spiritual discipline. Prehnite healing aids one in releasing the ego and achieving spiritual surrender, which is making the decision to stop going against the flow of the universe and allow the universe to guide you and provide whatever it is you need in that moment.

This stone is truly a powerful spiritual stone that allows you to bring spiritual action into the world around you, motivated by your hearts deepest desires for the highest good.

Herkimer Diamond can raise your vibration, stimulate clairvoyant & clairaudient abilities, and assist in telepathic communication. 

Moldavite is a talisman sent to Earth for spiritual awakening, transformation and evolutionary growth. It facilitates strong, clear, and direct connection between one's consciousness and the Universal Source. With its own cosmic oversoul, Moldavite has an ability to connect with Ascended Masters and cosmic messengers, and draw into the Earth plane those thought patterns and light vibrations which are most beneficial for ascension and illumination. 

What sets this crystal apart from other crystals is its ability to transmit your life force energies from the crown to the root chakra, which is something that not all crystals can do. It is stated that Bismuth is the best Crystal for astral projection. It amplifies your vibrational field and unlocks all your energy centers. It’s an ideal crystal when you want to become revitalized but don’t have a lot of time to do it. Bismuth is a powerful crystal when it comes to spiritual healing. It improves your concentration when you practice your visualization and helps you travel from the physical plane to the spiritual realm. The rainbow-colored crystals are high-quality bismuth that is heated to help encourage crystallization. The colors in the crystals are natural and appear because of the thin oxidized surface layer on the crystal that causes light to interfere when reflected from the surface.

Tibetan Quartz is very beneficial in helping one escape previously perceived limitations. These crystals help one to come to terms with having been incarnated within a heavily overbearing set of rules. They offer us the opportunity to free ourselves from often self-imposed belief systems, to be flexible in our views and beliefs as we flow along in the infinite possibilities the universe offers us. This energy goes way beyond the geographical, cultural and political energies that currently exist in the region that these crystals have come from.
It is useful for those wanting real and meaningful change for the betterment of oneself, humankind, and the planet.

Cleansing & Care:
This kit has selenite in it, which I love for cleansing crystals. You can also use kyanite, smoke/smudging, and/or bathe them in the light of the moon.

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