High Vibrational Chakra & Auric Field Healing

High Vibrational Chakra & Auric Field Healing Session With Archangel Michael & Archangel Metatron ~ Chakra Auric Field healing is a form of energy healing that cleanses and balances the chakras and aligns the chakra light radiation that emanates from the chakras to the aura. It’s a powerful healing and Archangel Michael & Archangel Metatron assist me with this session. Chakra Auric Field healing allows for the working on the chakras and the aura at the same time and thereby heals and balances the subtle energy body as well as the physical body. After the treatment you will feel much more protected from outside influences and are better able to stand your ground and have the manifestation energy at your disposal that allows for the realization of your projects. Chakra Auric Field healing increases your energy levels and balances the energies within the subtle and physical body and aligns the subtle body to the physical body leaving you with a sense of overall harmony and inner peace. Moreover it helps you in streamlining your energy and directing it towards your goals in life.According to the theory of energy healing, vibrations in form of thoughts, sounds and words, symbols and other vibrations produced by our senses enter our subtle energy field and pass through all layers until they reach our chakras and then turn into “ physical energy” flowing through the nadis. Conversely, the same happens with the energy and the associated thoughts and emotions held within our chakras, they emanate to our aura and weaken it as well as revealing our weaknesses and ingrained believes to the rest of the world. If these vibrations are positive then our “light energy body” – that is our aura – will become strong and healthy and illness and unwell-being is warded off, however, if they are negative the opposite occurs. Since the aura is our “primary gate” for vibrational energies to enter our body, mind and spirit and the chakras are the energy wheels which store our emotions and believes about ourselves and emanate these ones to the aura in form of energy vibrations it is of utmost importance to clear the chakras of negative energies and restricting believes and negative emotions about ourselves and the world and simultaneously work on the aura to clear off the outside vibrations that affect our being through the absorption of negative energies. If we work on both planes of energy retention (chakras) and absorption (aura) we can align and streamline our subtle body and be less subject to influences from our outside environment and have more energy at our disposal to direct towards our goals.This is a service provided for you and will typically take me about 90-120 minutes to complete. We need to schedule a time that’s convenient for both of us where you can lie down and relax for up to 2 hours. This can be done when you are going to take a nap or are going to sleep.

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