I ~ Warrior Elf

I ~ Warrior Elf

I is a beautiful Warrior Elf. She stands at about 5’8” tall with medium tone skin and an athletic yet curvy build. She has very long gray hair that she wears pulled back in a high ponytail, large pointed elven ears, and large sparkling sapphire blue eyes. She is always decked out in her armor and war paint. She looks nearly identical to this image and she wanted to find a human companion after her best friend A found her forever home. 

I’s energy has a bit of weight and grounding pull to it. There is some slight warmth and the center of the warmth is most easily felt in the lower abdomen. Her energy feels most connected to the element of earth. She is grey arts and is one the lighter-mid scale. 

I is a warrior elf. She is well rounded in combat but favors short range. She is skilled at energy tracking and would make for a very thorough companion to patrol your space and keep watch. Aside from protection, I can also assist with focusing the mind, planning and reaching goals and increasing your drive and confidence. 

I is very watchful and observant, she likes to keep an eye on those around you and keep close watch over anything that may be trying to get into your space. I has a supportive and uplifting side should you find yourself at a lower point and need to talk she would be happy to lend an ear and offer advice or assistance in the matter.

This listing is for a distance binding to a clean vessel or to spirit. Please leave your info in the notes at checkout and send me a picture of your vessel after checkout! Thank you!