Indigo Aura Attunement ~

Indigo Aura Attunement ~

Indigo Aura Attunement ~ 

Indigo Aura works well with the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, and is able to help one to communicate any psychic visions or dreams they might experience with this energy. It’s helpful in recognizing the Christ consciousness within. 

It allows one to significantly raise their vibrations, allowing them to release negativity. Working Indigo Aura High Radiance can help when encountering situations loaded with negative vibrations.

Indigo Aura helps bring intuition and insights to the person working with this energy. It strengthens the aura, and acquires an electric charge when in contact with it.

It can help those who are having trouble finding the spiritual self. Indigo Aura can help one to recognize the still, small voice within, and to discern the difference between this desired voice and one's ego. Once the voice within has been heard, one can then work with this energy to reinforce the spiritual message and to assimilate it into one's environment. It can also help with the ability to communicate this message to others with clarity.

Indigo Aura can be an excellent aid for relationship issues, whether they be occurring in friendships, coworkers, parent-child relationships, love relationships, and so on. By working Indigo Aura, one can become empathetic to the point of view or plight of others, bringing understanding to any situation and facilitating the resolution of difficult situations.

This is an attunement that is passed from me to you. Each session will last approximately 45 minutes. You just need to lie back and relax while I channel the energy and direct it to you. I do need your full name and location (city and state is fine) to perform this session. 

This is a permanent empowerment that will stay with you always.

Legally I must state that this is not a medical treatment and is not intended to treat any physical conditions or ailments. Energy work is not a replacement for medical care or a substitution for the care of a doctor.