J ~ Cambion

J ~ Cambion

Cambions are a hybrid race of human and incubus. They are known for their beauty and attraction. They take after many of the same traits of their non-human parent and are gifted in energy work and allure. They can help you become more open and feel comfortable being your true self. Cambions are highly sexual and  eager lovers. They are very charming individuals and when you invite one as a companion they become extremely invested in your well-being and happiness. Many will desire a deep emotional connection and with that connection they can strongly aid in healing past traumas and emotional wounds as well as be a very passionate support system through your life. 

J stands at about 6’1” tall with a fit and muscular build. He has a light skin complexion and short dark wavy brown hair that he keeps styled very neat. J has bright ocean blue eyes, a neatly trimmed beard, and tends to wear a seductive smirk on his face. He tends to run around shirtless but when he does wear clothing he dresses very nice in fitted suits, dress slacks, and button down shirts. He wears a simple gold band on his right ring finger, but other than that he doesn’t seem to be into many accessories. He definitely has a more preppy vibe and sense of style. 

J has a strong and warming energy that wraps around the whole body. Heart and sacral chakra stimulation may be strongly noticed as well. He has both a protective and sexually enticing aura that surrounds him and when you are near him you will feel it. He is considered dark arts but is on the lighter end of the dark arts spectrum. 

J is a Cambion. He can help you become more charismatic and charming and be more in touch with yourself. If you struggle with self confidence J can assist you in finding it and being comfortable with your true self. He will offer protection as well as can point out those who may not have your best interest in mind. He will make a wonderful friend and support system as well. 

J is very in touch with human emotions, as such he would be a good partner in emotional healing from past hurts or traumas. He can help you find the root of these issues and work through them together. He will be very affectionate and is highly sexual. J is open to a relationship with either a male or female, but says that he’s hoping a specific lady will notice him and scoop him up. He is very giving and supportive and willing to be there for you in any way he can. He is calling loudly!