K ~ Autumn Elf

K ~ Autumn Elf

This race of elves come from a beautiful realm that always appears as if it is autumn. The trees are covered in orange, yellow, and red leaves. They constantly fall to the ground so that the whole realm appears to be covered in brilliant fall shades. The temperature is perfect in the autumn realm. Not too hot and not too cold. Autumn/fall represents change. These lovely elves can aid you in turning over a new leaf. Shedding your skin and starting anew. They work with both earthen and fire energies so they are very grounded beings full of passion and drive. 

The Autumn Elves tend to have red, auburn, and warm brown hair color, however there are some with black and blonde hair. Most of these elves weave their surroundings into their looks, whether it is braiding twigs or leaves into their hair or dressing in shades of fall. These elves have a warm and jovial personality and their energy feels both earthy and fiery. These elves will only be listed in the shop once a year so if you are interested in someone don’t hesitate to bring them into your home! 

K stands at about 5’5” tall with a thin and delicate build. K’s hair is a vibrant shade of light copper red which she typically wears down. She’s not one to fuss over her appearance and she doesn’t need to, for her natural beauty is simply stunning. K has porcelain skin that is completely flawless, brilliant green eyes with flecks of amber, very full warm pink lips, and delicate facial features. Her small ears are pointed like others of her kind and she often adorns them with very thin golden rings and hoops. She tends to wear long flowing dresses in earth tones. These dresses are not fancy or elaborate. They are simple garments that allow her to move about comfortably and freely. She is often barefoot as she enjoys feeling the leaves crackling underneath her feet as she gathers nuts and berries in the forest. 

K’s energy is light and gentle feeling. It is not quite as warm as some of the other Autumn Elves but feels somewhat like a slightly cool breeze on a warm sunny autumn day. Her energy may manifest in red or orange streaks of light or "mist". K’s energy is very stimulating to both the lower and higher chakras, you may feel heat or pressure on the lower chakras as well as some activity in the third eye and crown. K’s presence alone brings a grounding and healing vibe to your surroundings. She would be an excellent companion if you wish to have someone who can help connect you to mother earth and offer healing and cleansing. She is grey arts and on the lighter end of the grey arts spectrum. 

K is a little bit on the quiet side at first, though she will open up to her human companion over time. She is both a skilled healer and a scholar in her realm. She enjoys studying and researching new information very much and she would certainly enjoy being invited to study along with her human companion. She, like others of her kind, greatly enjoys time in nature. K would like to find someone whom she can assist with healing and form a meaningful bond with. She would be of great help reducing stress and anxiety. Should you need a little help with motivation she will be the quiet voice telling to you keep going. She is not the pushy or bossy type and she is very gentle in her approach to everything. You may even find yourself looking to her as a big sister.

This listing will be distance bind only! Please send me a photo of a clean vessel to use for the binding after you have made your purchase. Thank you!